First off, let me say that it feels so weird to be typing on my own blog again. Where am I?! But seriously, I decided to start updating Arcadey again. I miss having a platform to educate the internet on what good music is because from what I’ve been seeing online lately nobody has a damn clue.

For anybody wondering what I’ve been up to, I’ve been working hard for the money honey. Despite my busy schedule, I’m going to make a few times a week to update washed-up old Arcadey. Outside of the blog, there’s a few other places you can catch me:

  • I’m on a radio show every Friday with ZE:A’s Kevin Kim (remember him from Nasty Nasty with Nine Muses?) on SBS PopAsia. It’s very G-rated and I don’t get to choose the topics, so it’s not quite the same Jacques you know from online… but it’s fun!


  • I do the occasional K-pop posts for Idolator, and I also have a weekly feature there called East Beat where I round up the best Asian pop songs of the week. It’s mostly K-pop, but I try to mix in some J-pop and C-pop when find something good.


  • I’m also all over social media, duh. Please show your support by liking my Facebook page and following me on Twitter. I’m also trying to update my Instagram more, so please follow that too!

Thanks for everybody who has been tweeting and messaging me for ages asking me to start blogging again. I appreciate it!

  • JammySmoochie

    We missed you, unnie! Thanks for coming back! <3

  • I see you’re popping up just in time for the T-ara comeback. Don’t give Hwasnake any ideas!

  • Db

    Glad you’re back!

  • WFJ

    Good to see you’re back. Can you occasionally do some posts on Western pop too? Like bashing Beyoncé, stanning for Rihanna and reviewing new releases from the biggest artists or critical darlings like Carly Rae Jepsen, Sky Ferreira and Robyn? I most enjoy when you hate something, though, especially when you shit on Beyoncé because you tell the truth and expose her for the fraud she is instead of licking her ass like most of the mainstream media does.

    Also, please tell me you’ve been making fun of Mike Wass for stanning for Katy Perry. He is so basic for being a Katy stan. He must be having an emotional meltdown right now because of what a mess this era is. I see on Idolator that he keeps trying make Witness happen and sing it praises, even though there’s only like three decent tracks. Isn’t he a Bey stan too? Basic!

    • LMAO! He is very biased, there’s no getting through to him unfortunately!

      I actually have a Katy rant but unsure if I can post it. And I don’t even know if it’s socially acceptable to bash Beyonce in 2017. If I did it now people would just counter by saying I’m racist and misogynistic and that arcadey should be boycotted lol!

      • WFJ

        Lol I’ve been called racist on blogs for saying that I think Beyonce is using the Black Lives Matter to make herself more culturally relevant and boost sales of her albums and tours. Tapping into a movement usually increases commercial success. Look at how artists tapped into the hippie movement in the late 1960s and garnered both commercial success and critical acclaim. Although, I would argue that came about more organically than what Bey is doing. She knows that she’ll make up for whatever conservative white fans she loses with the amount of fervent fans she’ll gain who are SJW’s or people just looking for cultural currency, as well as the amount of media attention she’ll get. These people are so dumb and/or naive for believing that she’s associated herself with the movement out of altruistic intentions. I mean, where was she during the women’s march? Madonna and Rihanna both participated. Rih even showed up incognito at the protest in NYC. And that took place before Bey announced her pregnancy. Yet everyone and the media got on Taylor Swift’s case for not participating, but totally let Bey off the hook. I didn’t read a thing about her not showing up. I don’t even really like the BLM movement because I think they’re a bit extreme like PETA, but it’s obvious that she only cares about social issues when she has something to promote.

        Also, I really want to read your Katy rant. I actually like the title track, “Roulette” and “Swish Swish” (not for the lame lyrics, but for Duke Dumont’s production), but the rest of the album is boring filler and it’s obvious she’s not smart or committed enough to make an album with social commentary. It’s literally Purposeful Poop lol

  • vjx89

    Yaaaaay. My Arcadey is alive!!!!!