November 9, 2016 marked one of the most important moments in modern history: The release of T-ara’s new single, ‘TIAMO.’

It’s an interesting time for T-ara, who are now officially has-beens in Korea, while also being one of the most popular and in-demand K-pop acts overseas. Their diminished stature at home was reflected in their last single, ‘So Crazy,’ which saw the group abandon their unique sound and style for a generic Brave Brothers bop that could’ve gone to any number of girl groups.

While ‘So Crazy’ was easily T-ara’s most unoriginal release, it was also one of their catchiest. I still listen to it now, and rate it much higher than most of the AOA hits that it was so obviously copying.

‘TIAMO’ is the same – generic, but also kinda great. My beloved Duble Sidekick produced this one, but it sounds like any Brave Bros song from the last couple of years. It’s a melancholy midtempo with a forgettable Christmas concept, but honestly, it’s really nice.

From the initial teasers I expected to be disappointed, but was prepared to stan anyway because I’m T-ara’s No. 1 ride or die bitch. But I’m genuinely into this, at least for the time being. It’s a lovely winter bop, what can I say?

Also: THEY GAVE BORAM AN ENTIRE BRIDGE TO HERSELF! WHAT?! That shit alone was more shocking than Trump winning the presidential election.

T-ara have stated in multiple interviews that ‘TIAMO’ is ‘for our fans.’ This is the go-to response for flailing pop stars when something is going to flop (“It wasn’t for the charts, it was for the FANS”), but in this case I buy it. Just read the lyrics.

I mean, have you seen T-ara’s fandom? We got T-ara to win Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off two years in a row. We spam articles in the Korean media to make T-ara look popular. Keep in mind, this is for a group that hasn’t had anything close to a real hit in over three years, yet they’re still performing to 10,000 people in Shanghai and shooting movies in Thailand thanks to their fans.

As a fan, I’m happy enough with ‘TIAMO.’ But I’m curious what the rest of you think, especially the blasphemers who don’t worship at the church of T-ara like I do, so drop me a comment below.

  • annoying haseyo

    “East or west or wherever
    If I am with you, I’ll be anywhere
    I only want you, want you Tiamo
    This is a secret password between us
    There probably isn’t anyone
    Who will love me as much as you do
    No way no way Tiamo
    This is a secret password between us”

    Definitely a song for fans! I didn’t expect TIAMO to be a hit song from the start. Their second track “Farewell Movie” would be a better title track over TIAMO if we’re talking about charts or whatnot, even the outfits and choreography were divine when they performed it during the showcase. This is more like a ‘comeback for their fans’ rather than a ‘comeback of a girl group that will leave SK snatched and regret the times they betrayed them’. I just hope that they meant it when they said they want to have an EDM (slash T-ARA style) comeback in March next year. They also mentioned that they already received songs from Master Shinsadong Tiger, I’m so ready to be blessed by it.

    Also, did you see Jiyeon’s too skinny legs? She honestly looks like a sick person nowadays, she’s literally skin and bones and her face is too small. It’s very concerning tbh, I hope she knows this and doesn’t starve herself. :(

    • Sha

      Nah…Jiyeon is doing a Web Drama My Runway which she is a MODEL, so she need to be SKINNY for the role, so she been dieting since August because of the drama. She’s healthy though, she just need it to be more skinny for her drama.

  • WJ

    That’s my least favorite T-ara ever, even below YaYaYa, and the first time they left me genuinely disappointed. Not so surprised though, MBK isn’t trying much this year, like, where’s queen Shannon?

    • ComingforyourRicecakes

      Ya Ya Ya is a masterpiece don’t you dare

  • Sweetune Tiger

    It’s truly a beautiful song. I’ve been listening to it a lot. The melody is great and the vocals, amazing. I’ve always loved T-ara mid-tempos though so I might be a little biased. TIAMO is special because they said that this is the kind of song that they all like. They didn’t like some of their titles in the past. I also agree that the song is really for the fans. Expect Absolute Second Album next year, Soyeon said they will go back to EDM for the next comeback.

  • UncleFan

    Eunjung’s (finally!) long hair is everything.

    • j d

      The one good thing from this comeback.

  • KeumJoopy

    What did Qri do to her chin and Boram to her face. I was expecting a now look from them after all this time they spent without releasing a single, but not this :( At least Eunjung looks nice…

  • j d

    I love T-ara as much as the next fan but this was just boring. Disappointing.

  • boring… they look stunning though! qri hyomin and jiyeon bring me to life every time they appear

  • It’s an okay song. I don’t see myself listening to it a lot. The girls all look great though.

  • vjx89

    I’m completely hooked on Tiamo! The lyrics are beautiful, the choreo is on point and they actualy gave lines to QRIsus and Boram. How amazing is that?

  • Cap Tain-Fantasy

    Normally “for the fans” is a cop out but in Tiamo’s case, it’s a sincere gesture. The reason Queen’s can tell it’s sincere is because this is what T-ARA has been doing for the last 3-4 years already.

    Meanwhile T-ARA is getting more opportunities outside of the music business once again, just like the first time. Eunjung have 2 movies coming out this year, Jiyeon has a new drama on Netflix and Hyomin is filming a drama right now.

    Even if T-ARA isn’t Korea’s trend group, as if that’s a title that ever lasts more more than 2 years anyway, they’re a trend group just about everywhere else in Asia and that’s been the goal of every K-pop group who has ever existed because despite all the hype and fanfare behind K-pop, Korea is a small market that cannot sustain itself domestically. It needs international fans to survive. International fame is the brass ring of Kpop.