As CL continues to flop with her misguided attempt to break the U.S. market, boy band BTS have done the impossible without even trying.

Their new album, Wings, just shattered 2NE1’s record for the highest-charting K-pop album on the Billboard 200. The disc debuted at No. 23, selling 16,000 copies in the States alone while entering the charts in Canada, New Zealand, the UK and more.

It just takes one spin of Wings to see why it’s wowing international listeners. It’s a near impeccable collection of Westernized urban-pop, the kind that current top forty kingpins like Bieber, Drake and Zayn would release in a heartbeat.

Lead single “Blood Sweat and Tears” would easily dominate radio with its reggaeton hook. If Bieber recorded it, he’d have another No. 1 hit.

As I type this, Rihanna is surely screaming at her A&R for giving her the janky Ariana leftover “Love On The Brain” instead of BTS’ infinitely cooler “Lie.” And the slow-burning dance-pop of “Begin” could’ve been the next step in The Weeknd’s journey from indie blog staple to commercial pop tart.

Half the tracks on Wings are solo cuts from each one of the group’s seven members, but I didn’t know this until someone told me. Billboard also points out that the album’s lyrics (co-written by the members) tackle topics like mental health and female empowerment, but I didn’t bother digging that deep – I’m just happy to soak up the sick beats.

Although Wings isn’t a conscious effort to break the Western music market, YG Entertainment would do well to take note of what BTS has done. Wings takes cues from American hip-pop, mimicking the best stuff , making it catchier, but never dumbing it down. YG sometimes has a tendency to emulate the worst Western pop; the more basic and contrived, the better.

Just look at CL’s “Lifted.” The former Baddest Female was reduced to a twerking Fifth Harmony thot singing a song that sounds like Rita Ora doing Kidz Bop raps. Since when does CL get drunk on malt liqueur and grind on ‘shawties’? NEVER.

That’s why CL’s English album will never see the light of day, despite her large international fanbase. Meanwhile all BTS had to do was put out some good music and voila, No. 1 on iTunes!

Watch ‘n’ learn, YG.

  • Sunny

    i liked Lifted XD (almost anything was an improvement over Hello Bitches). With CL, i think it has more to do with the fact that most western kpop fans are women and tend to support boygroups more.

    as for BTS, i feel like 21st Century Girls is incredibly tacky and should have been kept off the album. there are some good songs here though.

  • pau

    This whole article is a joke lmao thanks for giving me a good laugh ?

  • JammySmoochie

    As your (possibly) only Blackjack follower, I have to agree on this. I have feeling CL’s dumbing her self down just to accommodate the taste of the American market. Although I do think Lifted is cute and all, it lacks CL’s larger than life demeanor which is probably her ticket to fame in the first place. I honestly don’t know what is happening to her American takeover. It’s one hell of a mess.

    As for BTS’s latest release, it’s quite the feat. Blood Sweat & Tears is possibly my favourite male group single of 2016.

  • Shelly Sim

    This article win joke of the century. I mean really? bts already known to have massive international fans and really active on twitter, of course they will do well. and plus big hit and bts been hyping up kpop fan for their upcoming wings project for the last couple weeks. Don’t forget billboard change their system last year in dec. so its easy to score up high on billboard. Their new song sounded like reggae and add with mix of Bollywood. its been heard before, nothing new about it. Don’t forget eventually someone will broke their record nothing last forever.

    • Lmao, someone is salty. Is there actually any lie in the article? BTS have managed to create an impact in the charts internationally while others that have targeted specifically the western market flopped. It’s a big achievement. And if it’s that easy to score high in the charts, why has anyone managed to do so this year? I don’t see EXO, Taeyeon, Twice or Blackpink performing as well, (and they have big fanabases and a decent amount of hype surrounding their releases).

      I’m not a fan of BTS myself, but dismissing their success because they have a big fanbase is stupid. It’s not like if the fanbase just magically appeared and it wasn’t a consequence of the group and their music they release resonating with people.

      Also, upvoting your own comments is sad.

    • GitanAnimex

      and months after BTS won a billboard award and CL.. CL who?? where is she??

  • Fondant Baby

    BTS managed to keep me interested, and i’m living for all these dancehall and moombatohn inspired songs, because that’s what i’m into. The group keeps managing to appeal to western audiences without officially trying to, and that’s amazing. On that note, I’m still, idk, sad? for CL because she is going nowhere with her American debut and she hasn’t released quality content for a really long time.

  • Pinmook

    CL is only at the begining. Isn’t BTS flop before and famous after Dope? And CL is a female artist. If BTS also female they wouldn’t be this famous.
    The reason why I hate Army so much?

    • caandylicious

      this reply is way overdue but you… hate army just because they support a boygroup instead of a girl one? that’s sad.