Out of the slew of girl groups that debuted in 2011, three were early standouts on the charts: A Pink, E-Tribe’s Dal Shabet, and Brave Brothers’ Brave Girls.

As any K-pop fan knows, A Pink went on to become top tier stars, Dal Shabet quickly peaked but have managed to hold on for years despite ever declining popularity, and Brave Girls vanished into oblivion after a successful debut that was fueled by illegal album buy backs.

After three long years they’ve returned, with the three prettiest (and of course, oldest) members booted out and five new girls thrown in to make for a total of seven, which fits in with the current trend of large numbered girl groups.

Brave Girls tried a few different genres during their brief run, from disposable Brave Brothers dance-pop to delicious Disneyfied reggae, but their new single “Deepened” picks up right where their debut, “Do You Know?,” left off with its urban-pop beats.

Seductive guitar chords and a sick rap section make “Deepened” really stand out, and the fitness concept and accompanying choreography is one of the strongest of the year among girl groups.

However, I’m not why Brave Brothers actually thought that this revamped Brave Girls would work in today’s innocent K-pop climate. We’ve all seen how hard SONAMOO tanked. The group clearly has some talented members, but the song and concept probably would’ve fared better on Hello Venus – especially now that we’re in a time when struggling girl groups are getting their big break after years of flopping (see EXID, FIESTAR).

From a business standpoint I’m like “What the fuck were you thinking?,” but as a longtime Brave Girls (break yo ankle!) stan I’m like “YASSSSS!