With Kesha out of action there aren’t many A-list Western pop stars that do it for me these days outside of living god Miley Cyrus, but I can always count on my girl Rihanna to deliver the bops.

I love Anti and don’t really care about the entire promo campaign being a hot mess. If anything, it just made me like her more for just throwing out an album on Tidal that she recorded in small bursts between getting A-list dick and snorting coke during a non-stop three-year party binge.

This week Rihsus dropped the music video for her minimalist twerk anthem ‘Work,’ and I’m NOT FEELING IT AS MUCH AS I WANT TO.

Actually, it’s two videos in one, and it’s the first one I’m not so into.

Now, I know it seems racist that the one video of the pair I don’t like is the one with all the ‘ethnic’ people dancing in the club, but I swear to you that I’m not Sarah Paulson in 12 Years of Slave. It’s just way too obvious and easy having Rihanna show up in some mesh Jamaican stripper dress twerking in club while everybody around her does their best Nicki Minaj impression. And Drake is way too clean cut to be seen in a place like that.

The second video is heaven. I love the simplicity, the lighting, Riri’s long weave and her bare titties in the sheer top and her magnetic stare to the camera. I think I actually felt my penis move when she was gyrating, real talk.

Let me tell you though, for some reason from one of the MV previews I had it in my head that it was going to be an elegant 1920s themed music video. Seriously. I thought it was going to be Rihanna dressed as an old timey flapper, but twerking and shit at a classy ball and hiking up her dress. That would’ve been so iconic.