Rainbow -a.k.a. the original nation’s most underrated girl group before Nine Muses and STELLAR came along- returned last week with a new mini-album called Prism.

Under normal circumstances the ladies would be kept in DSP’s dungeon for a minimum of at least three years following the disastrous-selling and unfairly maligned Innocent album, but now that KARA’s disbanded and slAyPRIL’s flopped they’re all that DSP has left.

For years netizens have complained that Rainbow needs to do another song like “A” (one of the best Korean girl group singles OF ALL TIME), so that’s exactly what they’ve done with their new single, “Whoo.”

It’s “A” on the cheap, though – both musically and visually. Watching the video you can totally imagine some low-tier group like TAHITI or the increasingly slashed budget-dols Hello Venus releasing this and you’d think, “Oh they’re copying ‘A’, how fun!

I didn’t like it at first because I thought it was just a bad “A”, which it kinda is, but it’s grown on me. The English refrains are addictive and the outdated Disney pop-rock production suits Rainbow’s vivacious image. I even love the tacky music video and the concept is so great and so Rainbow. If they’d released it five years ago directly after “A” it would’ve been a hit, and if they’d followed that up with a proper comeback for “Mach” instead of the half-assed treatment it got they probably would’ve made it big.

As we all know, Rainbow became nation’s new b-side-dols after Rainbow Syndrome and Innocent, and they definitely deliver with Prism‘s “Black & White” – a funky electro-pop number produced by ZigZag Note, who basically did half of Rainbow Syndrome. The verses are life and the spoken word bridge omg.

“Click” also comes with a killer chorus and “Eye Contact” is sex and the perfect album closer.

The Innocent comeback was still way better, but this is decent enough at the end of the day.

And OMG, Jaekyung’s visual. You just know everyone around her tells her on a daily basis “You could’ve been the original Seolhyun if your agency hadn’t been so shit at promoting you and your group.”