I’m so pressed. Right after STELLAR‘s “Sting” came out I wrote a predictably lengthy, hyperbolic, ultra-positive review, only to have WordPress a.k.a. Floppress not save any of it. I was then so frustrated I refused to return to arcadey for about two weeks.

I ain’t writin’ the whole thing out again, but obviously I love this comeback and if you don’t then you need some serious mental help. Actually, all the therapy in the world couldn’t help you at this point if you’re not on the STELLAR bandwagon by now.

If you’re feeling extra pervy, check out the 360vr MV on a large monitor in ultra HD quality. Gawking at Minhee innocently/suggestively sitting on the bed made me straight for three minutes.

Zico – I Am You, You Are Me

I low-key stanned Zico‘s “Boys and Girls” last year (who can resist such creative lyrics like “I AM A BOY, YOU ARE A GIRL!””). It was pure stupid fun, but the Block B rapper’s latest solo singe “I Am You, You Are Me” is the real deal – luscious Korean pop-rap of the highest order.

And the music video is just as divine as the song.

G-Friend – Rough

If third time’s the charm then G-Friend‘s third single “Rough” is the one that’s finally got me to commit to being their fan. Their bad plastic surgery and shady industry connections turns me off, but the powerful-innocent-dols have won me over with their songs and choreography. I’m such a sucker for cheesy J-pop fuzz guitars.

Lovelyz still better though. #Fact.

The Legend – Sound Up!

I’ve somehow ended up becoming a fan of this nugu boy band called The Legend. They’re not Seventeen, but they’re really good.

Their Sound Up! mini-album has two really strong singles: The funky “Crush On You” featuring Kween Kyungri in the MV, and the R&B baby-making jam “Nail.”

Please show them lots of love so they don’t need to meet with sponsors to fund their next comeback.