4minute, the girl group that briefly plateaued before consistently getting better and better ever since “Volume Up,” released their new single “Hate” this week.

When I first pressed play a feeling of dread filled my body. In working with a trashy Americant like Skrillex, had my beloved 4minute decided to release a safe made-for-U.S.-radio hip-hop ballad? Was this some awful Alex da Kid shit?

Then the chorus hit and suddenly it all made sense.

The EDM hook drops like a sick Jack Ü banger, but with the addictive melody of a top forty Calvin Harris hit – like when “Bounce” or “Outside” are blasting and you start singing “da da da da da” to the beat, not the lyrics.

Of course, the jarring transition has frightened K-pop’s small-minded fandom, with netizens reactions largely negative and a poor chart performance for “Hate” over on Melon.

In a nutshell, the general Netizen sentiment is this: “I liked the start part which was really safe and familiar to me, but then on the chorus when it got interesting I became frightened and uncomfortable because I heard something that wasn’t instantly recognizable to me. Mama I need my pacifier change my diaper waaaaaaaaaaa I’m scared please put something boring and predictable on!

Regardless, I know my fellow ~*~musical connoisseurs~*~ will appreciate 4minute’s latest slay, as well as the group’s killer mini-album, Act. 7.

Act. 7 delivers synthesized R&B grooves with “No Love,” a brooding dubstep ballad with “Blind,” and best of all, some Tinashe with a Middle Eastern twist on “Canvas.”

Queens slayed again. Although I am sad to see that Sohyun a.k.a. Moonface is back to being corny after her legendary transformation on “Crazy.” And Jihyun a.k.a. Other still isn’t going to happen no matter how hard they try.

  • WJ

    People who hated Hate should just calm down. There’s always a boring APink track coming our way.

  • Quingg

    I think this go round, Sohyun and Jihyun weren’t needed for HATE. Sohyun’s part was so random honestly although Jihyun sang ALOT on the rest of the album

  • ByronZ

    2Yoon Slays!

  • APRILNaeunSlay

    I actually like this way better than Crazy. I honestly found Crazy to be a really safe “badass” song and this is SOOOO MUCH BETTER.

    And clearly the Korean public has no taste as evidenced by the chart performance of Dal Slaybet and Queens of Kpop STELLAR.

  • Lin Yang

    I loved everything about the song except for the chorus. He had an amazing bridge that hyped the chorus but it fell flat and the amazing singers from 4M were underused. Plus, it just sounds like a bunch of brass instruments farting.

  • I feel like this could have just been HyunA with a singer feature…. and minus the ballady parts, the chorus goes hard.

  • Also why is this giving me Big Band on World Star vibes… they better not get caught in the wrong streets in Cali trying to be proper…

  • CY

    I think this is a step down from Crazy but slayed me first listen regardless. Don’t get the overwhelming negative reception.

  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    The marriage between the somber ballad and YGesque (The good kind) influence used for the chorus is what sells it for me.
    Unfortunate that despite all of your ass kissing Jacques, you will still burn in the eternal pits of hell for not accepting the one true savior known as Jihyun into your life.
    Rebuke SatAn-Pink and allow her Jiholliness to take the wheel and guide you down the path of letting your band-mates do all the work whilst you do literally nothing

  • UncleFan

    I’m not even going to start my yearly argument with Jacques about the merits of Moonface and Other, so I’ll just focus on the rest of the team. Jiyoon was amazing! In fact, I think she lost weight and got even prettier. Gayoon looks lovely and regal as always.

    HyunA, on the other hand…. JESUS, what the fuck was she thinking? In every scene of the Hate MV, they had to hide her FAT FACE with big sunglasses and weird camera angles. Didn’t she learn anything from watching Park Bom’s implosion? Why does Cube let her out of their sight to go to some quack back alley surgeon? HyunA is one of my top 5 favorite idols, and now her nearly flawless visual track record is tainted.

    I’m so crushed by this :( Please bring back the old HyunA!

  • haha first thing i read about this was from a certain blogger that just love to hate everything, then i came down here and am sooo glad you are back on bloggin’.

    this song is delicious and i find it appaling how k-pop fans are totally unable to understand tracks made for the dancefloor. and that’s what this is, a perfect track to catch under giant loud subwoofers, while you’re dancing and sweating so hard that all your drunkness goes back to zero, so you have to hit the bar again to have another caipirinha.

  • uhg i’m so in love with “no love”… for a second there’s a sample that reminds me of TGS’s avec avec cover of “day by day”…. such a cute detail <3

  • Unnie Didn’t mean it

    I’m actually shocked that 4minute released something that bad…Now i made sure that SKRILLEX will never be my bestie…. cause everything he releases never satisfy me.the start was good tho… but the chorus…meh!

  • Johann

    Even with 2 parts JUST FOR HER (for the first time since Mirror Mirror – if you don’t count Is It Poppin’ ? and their japenese singles), JiHyun looks dead. I start to wonder if Cube is forcing her to act like that… like… you know… for the “concept” or some other shit…
    (I still love her, btw)

  • Mattey

    If people took the time to listen to the instrumental, they would realize the song isn’t a complete mess like they made it out to be.
    Although Moonface was back to being the tryhard she usually is, Hyuna’s God Almighty pigtails was enough to distract me from whatever Sohyun was doing. Praise the Lord for the gift of Hyuna. Gayoon was killing it in the lace though. And Jiyoon was giving me lesbian dominatrix feels YESSS M’AM.

  • Mattey
    • diamonddog

      The difference between Hyuna’s nasal bleating of “I hate you” and Jiyoon’s badass sexy growl of “sirheo sirheo nan neo sirheo” is amazing! Jiyoon totally dominates the whole performance – 10/10 would go for a solo for her.

      • Mattey

        Those two killed it! This concept fits them so well. Almost makes me wish 4Minute was just Hyuna, Jiyoon, and Gayoon! Almost.
        So glad Moonface didn’t get too much screentime because her expressions seemed tryhard to me, but you can’t have a live performance without them.