4minute, the girl group that briefly plateaued before consistently getting better and better ever since “Volume Up,” released their new single “Hate” this week.

When I first pressed play a feeling of dread filled my body. In working with a trashy Americant like Skrillex, had my beloved 4minute decided to release a safe made-for-U.S.-radio hip-hop ballad? Was this some awful Alex da Kid shit?

Then the chorus hit and suddenly it all made sense.

The EDM hook drops like a sick Jack Ü banger, but with the addictive melody of a top forty Calvin Harris hit – like when “Bounce” or “Outside” are blasting and you start singing “da da da da da” to the beat, not the lyrics.

Of course, the jarring transition has frightened K-pop’s small-minded fandom, with netizens reactions largely negative and a poor chart performance for “Hate” over on Melon.

In a nutshell, the general Netizen sentiment is this: “I liked the start part which was really safe and familiar to me, but then on the chorus when it got interesting I became frightened and uncomfortable because I heard something that wasn’t instantly recognizable to me. Mama I need my pacifier change my diaper waaaaaaaaaaa I’m scared please put something boring and predictable on!

Regardless, I know my fellow ~*~musical connoisseurs~*~ will appreciate 4minute’s latest slay, as well as the group’s killer mini-album, Act. 7.

Act. 7 delivers synthesized R&B grooves with “No Love,” a brooding dubstep ballad with “Blind,” and best of all, some Tinashe with a Middle Eastern twist on “Canvas.”

Queens slayed again. Although I am sad to see that Sohyun a.k.a. Moonface is back to being corny after her legendary transformation on “Crazy.” And Jihyun a.k.a. Other still isn’t going to happen no matter how hard they try.