As expected, STELLAR‘s comeback is already looking like the best thing that’s going to come out of 2016. (Well, the best thing besides that elusive new Rihanna album, the Australian reboot of Survivor, and Hyosung’s return.)

The teaser for their new single “Sting” (which is produced by STELLAR’s usual production team Monotree, made up of former Sweetune composers) literally sounds even better than “Mask” and Vibrato.”

The concept is Lolita fashionista, reportedly shot by Rotta.

They’re also dropping a mini-album with 90% new material (tbh they shoulda added “Fool” and “Mask” and “Marionette” and stretched it out into a full-length album but whatever).

1. Do you hear me?
2. 찔려 (Sting)
3. Insomnia
4. Love Spell
5. 신데렐라 (Cinderella)
6. 떨려요 (Vibrato)

I’m crying. It’s all too much. I’ve had the teaser on Infinite Looper since yesterday.

stellar sting stellar sting 02[Via @fyeahstellar]