As expected, STELLAR‘s comeback is already looking like the best thing that’s going to come out of 2016. (Well, the best thing besides that elusive new Rihanna album, the Australian reboot of Survivor, and Hyosung’s return.)

The teaser for their new single “Sting” (which is produced by STELLAR’s usual production team Monotree, made up of former Sweetune composers) literally sounds even better than “Mask” and Vibrato.”

The concept is Lolita fashionista, reportedly shot by Rotta.

They’re also dropping a mini-album with 90% new material (tbh they shoulda added “Fool” and “Mask” and “Marionette” and stretched it out into a full-length album but whatever).

1. Do you hear me?
2. 찔려 (Sting)
3. Insomnia
4. Love Spell
5. 신데렐라 (Cinderella)
6. 떨려요 (Vibrato)

I’m crying. It’s all too much. I’ve had the teaser on Infinite Looper since yesterday.

stellar sting stellar sting 02[Via @fyeahstellar]


  • WJ

    Yes, they should’ve added Mask and Fool, but Marionette was already in the first mini album, they’re not Tahiti.

    OT: You have to make a post about KARA’s disbandment, Jacques. Please. T_T

  • jizabel

    Honestly, they’re not Idols anymore, imo. They’re truly artistes. Where others try to allude to controversial topics, The Empresses of Vaginal Moisture dive right in and make the strongest possible artistic statement possible. They are fearless! When could IU? Never!


    How do they get better with every release? I didn’t think anything could top single of the year “Vibrato” but they are about to do it. The styling, concept, song, EVERYTHING is on point. Plus the “cherry popping” sound is LIFE so I hope it pops up throughout the track. These meta k-indie divas slay my soul. Ugh I can’t wait!!!!

  • Mattey

    I love this band so much. They be popping their pussies faster than Park Bom pops her pills. I’m kind of mad Vibrato is on the album, since I already downloaded it, but wth, they need my money anyway. They crowdfunded for this album, which makes me wonder WHY THE HELL AFTER SCHOOL ISN’T DOING THIS SHIT.

  • roelm

    Very ’70s sounding. It actually reminds me of ’70s era pop in my country.

  • Marhaebwa

    WTF IS INFINITE LOOPER!? Why did I not know??

    Also Stellar will slay…in our hearts. We’ll see what the charts say…

  • nitestar95

    Sting is a fabulous song. I’m not sure what kept it from hitting #1. It’s as good as Gee was by SNSD. Everyone I know loves it. Gotta wonder if the company needs more people to spread this song around the world.