Don’t ask me about KARA‘s disbandment because it’s simply too painful for me to even think about right now. If I’m forced to confront such harrowing news I might end up doing something stupid…

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On the bright side, Rainbow is now having a comeback in February because DSP has nobody else.

No details yet, other than they’re working with the same guy that did “Bad Man Crying” from the incredible Innocent mini-album.

Perhaps KARA’s death doesn’t have to be in vain? Perhaps one day we can all learn to…love…again.


    As perfect as “Bad Man Crying” is, and the entire Innocent mini for that matter, I’m gonna need “A/Mach” part 2 if these ladies stand any chance of success. I’m really sad about KARA’s disbandment but I’d be even more sad if Rainbow never made it out of the dungeon after “Black Swan” flopped. Even in KARA’s waning popularity over the last few years, they still overshadowed and took precedence over Rainbow. Well hopefully this dude can pull a Shinsadong Tiger and resurrect our girls’ career!

  • bunny

    i really like black swan though, i thought that song was amazing
    too bad it flopped

    • I know it was so good but I feel like the release timing was off or something and bad promo IDK, plus the song wasn’t commercial enough for a group that was struggling. They should’ve maybe done a safer pre-release and then Black Swan as the main, like what BoA did

  • Mattey

    Things DSP has to do:
    1. Proper fucking teasers
    2. Choreography to be on the level of A.
    3. Ass shaking like “Don’t Touch” the flawless b-side of Rainbow Syndome.
    4. Lots of Jaekyung
    5. Have the other Blaxx members grab Jaekyung suggestively a la Marionette.
    6. Put the pretty makeup on Jisook
    7. Kick out the other 2 members because they get less lines than Boram and Qri. (This step is optional)

    • Omg YES at Jaekyung and Don’t Touch!!!

    • Sunny

      I doubt they would kick out Yoonhye cause she does get acting roles. but No Eul on the other hand doesn’t get anything.

    • diamonddog

      7. Ah, you must mean Noeul and Yoonhye (and possibly SeungAh).

      8. Plenty of screentime for badass Queen Woori.

      • Mattey

        7. Yes, Noeul and Yoonhye. Although maybe Seungah because I’m not feeling her recent nosejob.
        8. That’s not a problem, the camera loves her! Woori is LIFE

  • Db

    I’m praying to Qrishna real hard that this song will be a success. Just no cutesy shit. As much as Tell Me Tell Me and Sunshine were hits, they’re way above that. A/Mach/Come To Me level music please.

  • WJ

    Just look who made a comeback too:

  • WJ

    Just look who made a comeback too:


    as you must know from twitter, i effing love this song lol so i’m already anticipating this!

  • JustJam

    Their comeback needs to be sexy and COLORFUL. Why is it so hard for them to get it right? EXID already figured it out but they haven’t yet. Black Swan was so dull and not ‘rainbow’ at all..

  • j d

    Hope their desperation pays off.

  • Quingg



    Brave Girls is making a comeback later this year as 7 members with 5 new girls


      • Quingg

        Brave Entertainment announced the group will be making an official comeback with a new sound/concept and a younger average age later this month with 7 members.

        Eunyoung, Seoah and Yejin have been replaced with Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, Hayoon and Yuna while Hyeran and Yoojin will remain and round the group up to 7.

    • APRILNaeunSlay


      • Quingg

        Yes darling they are!

        I assume that during their 3 year hiatus: Eunyoung, Yejin and Seoah left the company and only Yoojin and Hyeran stayed and continue training. The company signed 5 more girls who I think are between the ages of (16-20) and they trained for the 3 years together and now their debuting officially as a 7 member Brave Girls