Several years ago when the promise of a 2NE1 U.S. debut lingered in the air and parts of Botox Bom’s face still had movement, DJ Poet was a name known to many K-pop fans.

Mr. Poet is best known for his work with The Black Eyed Peas and will.i.kant, and was supposed to be behind a bulk of 2NE1’s English album before that whole thing went to shit.

Now he’s working with fellow DJ and budget drug store fragrance mogul Paris Hilton.

They’ve dropped a sick house track together called “Crazy” and I love it because I love everything that the DJ of our generation does (Paris, not Poet).

They also worked together a year ago on another club banger called “Never Be Alone.”

When will Kim K?

Paris Hilton: The Yoko Ono to Tao's John Lennon?

Paris Hilton: The Yoko Ono to Tao’s John Lennon?

paris 03

“This loser needs to come to one of my DJ sets to hear what REAL music sounds like.”

paris 01

“Remind me to fire my manager after this.”

paris 04

“I love charity work. Today I gave some homeless Chinese girls some bags from my line.”

dj poet

DJ Poet in da house

dj poet 2ne1

It’s such a shame that this album never saw the light of day. NOT.


    It’s been so lonely living in this world surrounded by people who don’t appreciate DJ Paris Hilton’s artistry. Thank you for being a lover of REAL music and authenticity.
    Anyway, I’m just wondering why no one has scooped her up to produce a single for them or something?
    It was so nice of PH to pull DJ Poet out of the dumpster where 2NE1’s English album is buried tho. Such a generous heiress. I can’t seem to think of any artist whose discography is as flawless as queen Paris’ tbh.

  • Mattey

    OMG I’m just sitting here wondering why hasn’t Clara done this shit already. I mean, she has nothing compared to Kween Paris, but she’s the closest thing Korea has when Paris is away, traveling the world and expanding her views as an artist.

  • nique

    Oh shit, i totally forgot about 2ne1’s english album that was never released.