What better way to start the new year than with a new Dal Shabet single?

The now 4-member Dalegend have finally done the inevitable by hooking up with Brave Brothers, but instead of regurgitating AOA’s scraps they’ve gone back to danceable “B.B.B.” eighties synth-pop.

I’m the biggest “Joker” fan you’ll ever meet, but these Jellybean beats are a better fit for the latest version of Dal Shabet (formerly Dal★Shabetnever forget).

Serri is the second, sassier Qri, and this comeback is everything.

Sadly it’s flopping, which makes “Someone Like U” the “Wiggle Wiggle” of 2016.

And here’s Big Baybeh Baybear:

And here’s “Someone Like U” flopping on Melon…

melon someone like u