A few years ago when Bonnie McKee was promoting her failed attempt at pop superstardom a.k.a. “American Girl,” she repeatedly mentioned the pain of giving “Teenage Dream” to Katy Perry. The song, an obvious commercial and emotional goldmine, now forever belongs to Katy, and I sympathize with the then struggling and broke Bonnie having little choice but to hand over one of the best top forty pop song of the past decade to a friend and rival.

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Busted Bonnie’s new single, “Wasted Youth,” appears to be her attempt to recapture the magic of “Teenage Dream.” It’s obviously not as good because nothing is or ever will be, but props to B.B for at least figuring out a similar alternative that doesn’t suck.

The thing about B.B is that she gave all her best ideas and concepts to Katy and a handful of other pop tarts, and now everything she does is just a twist on the stuff she sold. And look at the music video: the pastel hair, bathing in cereal, filming with a vintage camera – all things that everybody else is doing, or has done.

The best thing about “Wasted Youth” is just how depressing it is underneath the surface. Here’s B.B, an octogenarian in pop star years (she’s 31), singing about how fast your youth flies by as she attempts to make her lifelong dream of becoming a music superstar come to life (which we all know is never going to happen).

Do you, girl. But please just self-release your album already and then find a side gig to your songwriting in reality TV or something. No major label is going to put the budget behind promoting you that you want them to, and you’re not going to be the next Katy Perry/Miley/Whoever no matter how hard you try. I still respect the hustle though.