I’ve been meaning to start doing b-side posts for months but haven’t had the time until now, so here you go.

Hello Venus ‘Show Window’

Hello Venus surprised us all by following up their slinky Brave Brothers’ jams “Sticky Sticky” and “Wiggle Wiggle” with the trashy electro-pop club banger “I’m Ill.” Unlike most people I actually love HV’s $2 EDM makeover, but its clear to anybody that’s heard their 5th mini-album that the standout track is “Show Window.”

Brave drops a ’90s groove punctuated with sleazy sax while the Venuses liken themselves to mannequins and coo about being depressed like it’s a come-on. “Show Window” is a return to Brave’s well-worn sad ‘n’ sexy style, but since its a b-side and not a title track its given room to luxuriate instead of trying to hook you every five seconds with catchy refrains and repetitious choruses. If they had the budget, it would’ve been nice to a see double title track comeback with this and “I’m Ill.”

B1A4 – You Are a Girl I Am a Boy

B1A4‘s retro turn doesn’t end with their new single “Sweet Girl.” The hilariously titled b-side “You Are a Girl I Am a Boy” is a strange, sunny song inspired by multiple rock sub-genres. Just when I think I can pinpoint exactly which ones, it goes and pulls out something else and leaves me confused (and in love).

Speaking of falling in love, Jinyoung wearing suspenders on Music Core is enough to make me weak at the knees/get me on my knees.

April – Hurry Hurry

April‘s Dreaming mini-album is so great because the entire thing just sounds like a collection of various KARA b-sides from over the years. One of the album’s most KARA-ish cuts is “Hurry Hurry,” a sugary R&B-tinged midtempo from Sweetune’s ‘b team,’ MonoTree (who are also behind Stellar’s recent singles). It’s adorable and hard to resist once it hits the “I’m so cool, I’m so good…” line.