Stanworthy Group Unicorn Debuts With The Dreamy 'Huk'
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The Chorus Is a Bit Annoying And Ruins The Flow
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I was excited about Unicorn‘s debut since I first saw their teaser photo last week. It showed five girls, some with pastel coloured hair, some with plastic surgery, pulling aegyo poses as they sat around a table filled with tacky arts and crafts. The photo promised fun and cute, but with a twist–Unicorn wasn’t going to be another Lovelyz, G-Friend, or April.

Although I was well prepared for Unicorn’s magical horn to pierce my heart and fill my world with glitter and cotton candy clouds, I was still surprised by how enchanting their debut single, “Huk,” turned out to be.

“Huk” (slang for ‘surprise,’ not bad Engrish) is even dreamier than “Dream Candy,” with shimmering synthpop and undefined transitions so the verses and choruses seamlessly blend into each other. Even the rap refrain, jacked straight from Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss,” sounds sweet against the song’s pretty synths (especially when Unicorn begin to coo it together towards the end).

The music is the work of R&B singer and top vocal trainer Kim Jo Han, who I think is handling the entire group, and the lesser known NACO, whose credits include most of Global Icon’s music and a handful of SECRET b-sides.


The song aside, Unicorn is filled with several stanworthy members. The rapper looks like the chick that quit 4L, and the maknae, named Sally (SALLY!!!), is the most ridiculous iconic maknae since Hyeri debuted. In the divine music video (which I’m in love with, obviously) she wears a giant grey wig with a butchered kimono jacket while performing aegyo in a pink shoe store. She reminds me of a gyaru model without the fake tan.

There’s also a gangnam style vocalist with huge eyes. Unicorn isn’t that beautiful by top girl group standards, but they’re charming and filled with stan attractors.

Damn you, K-pop. Stop producing flawless girl groups for me to become obsessed with! You’ve gone too far!

  • Reddyyay

    I love them so much, Sally & Winnie slay me all their members are so distinct looking I love it. Also their mini album is pretty good too, especially 못참겠어.

  • YES they’re amazing! they remind me of pink rocket dal*shabet. the fashion of the MV is that token people will use to prove 10 years from now that this decade was the WORST thing in clothing style. lol

  • WJ

    “Damn you, K-pop. Stop producing flawless girl groups for me to become obsessed with! You’ve gone too far!”
    I’ve been repeatedly saying the exact same thing this year!

  • Johann

    Thank you God for giving us Unicorn !
    I’ve never been so blessed by a nugu girl group since Chocolat and GLAM.

    The hypnotic big-eyed one, the pink clone of Krystal, the rapper with big cheeks, the manknae in her pink room full of boxes and the green filler… Thank you GOD !


    My favorite is Winnie because she looks like a gorgeous Thai Lady Boy.
    Gotdammit! Another one! Just add this to my list of flawless rookie girl groups to stan.

    • KingBeaArthur

      You stay away from Winston!

      • MIKEE

        Winifred is mine!

        • KingBeaArthur

          Winslow will never be yours..

          • Egbutts Egbust

            Winaford is mine!

  • Db

    The song is so unconventional which is why it’s so good!

    Visually the group is like a mishmash of other group concepts. Like in the screencap for the video you have the SNSD Galaxy Supernova backdrop and the members are wearing stewardess uniforms like AOA did IN Short Hair. There’s more examples but I’m too lazy to watch the video again. I quite liked the Lil Mama homage too.

    The girl with the green hair looks like Heidi from that stupid MTV reality show set in LA.

  • KingBeaArthur

    The production is so laid back and dreamy (perfect word). ‘Huk’, for me, will remain a clever way of skirting censorship! We all know they’re saying ‘fuck me’! Another win for Korean women’s rights.

  • Mattey

    I have to applaud the plastic surgeon for trying to make Winnie looks as Caucasian as possible. It worked.

  • Lil’ Mama approves!

  • I like the dreamy feel of the song. I am here for all these acoustic explorations that kpop is exploring…

  • Mieli

    nice song – thanks for the rec