SONAMOO aren’t popular in Korea and I don’t think their international fanbase is particularly strong either, but I really got into the group after the release of their Cushion mini-album back in July.

Yes, the title track was a total “Ice Cream Cake” knock-off and SONAMOO’s stage outfits were some of the worst I’ve seen in years from ANY K-pop group, but they’re talented and the song slayed.

Following the unfair failure of “Cushion,” SONAMOO have now started promoting the other best track from their mini-album, “Round N Round.”

The glorious disco number was primarily produced by Park Su-seok, who’s done b-sides for B.A.P, SECRET, and 4minute, with some help from Park Eun-woo, who worked on Wonder Girls’ “Sorry” and Nam Young Joo’s underrated “Fragile and Kind.”

Watching SONAMOO’s vivacious live performances and cute choreography, I can’t help but see “Round N Round” as a seriously hit-worthy track. But the sad reality is that these kinds of songs and concepts aren’t hit material these days; unless a group is part of the big three, you either need a sexy concept to grab the general public’s attention, or a young, innocent concept to appeal to uncle fans and teenagers.

Anyway, this was the final thing I needed to officially cross over into SONAMOO stan territory. I love these flops, even if nobody else does!