SONAMOO aren’t popular in Korea and I don’t think their international fanbase is particularly strong either, but I really got into the group after the release of their Cushion mini-album back in July.

Yes, the title track was a total “Ice Cream Cake” knock-off and SONAMOO’s stage outfits were some of the worst I’ve seen in years from ANY K-pop group, but they’re talented and the song slayed.

Following the unfair failure of “Cushion,” SONAMOO have now started promoting the other best track from their mini-album, “Round N Round.”

The glorious disco number was primarily produced by Park Su-seok, who’s done b-sides for B.A.P, SECRET, and 4minute, with some help from Park Eun-woo, who worked on Wonder Girls’ “Sorry” and Nam Young Joo’s underrated “Fragile and Kind.”

Watching SONAMOO’s vivacious live performances and cute choreography, I can’t help but see “Round N Round” as a seriously hit-worthy track. But the sad reality is that these kinds of songs and concepts aren’t hit material these days; unless a group is part of the big three, you either need a sexy concept to grab the general public’s attention, or a young, innocent concept to appeal to uncle fans and teenagers.

Anyway, this was the final thing I needed to officially cross over into SONAMOO stan territory. I love these flops, even if nobody else does!

  • T-rollypoly (Fiestar Yezus)

    At first listen I felt like round and round could’ve been a 9muses b-side tbh. As a big namyu stan, that’s the biggest compliment I could give to sonamoo. I love them along with gfriend, lovelyz, omg, myb etc.

    • Mieli

      Feel like the nugu girl groups are producing a lot of stuff that largely goes under the radar…

  • KingBeaArthur

    “Round N Round” is better than “Flushion”.

  • After Cushion not leaving much of an impression, I am super into their flawless execution of this track. Kinda reminds me of the girlfriend version to Got7’s chill cute boyfriend image. Wished this concept would succeed, since it’s a nice breather from the infantile cutesy concept.

  • Mattey

    I like the song, but the performances could be better if SUMIN GOT RID OF THOSE BANGS. WHYYYYYYYYYYY. Let’s look at this glorious leader before she got the things that made her look basic.

  • I love these flops too.
    At first I was hoping they’d promote “OK” or “Liar” wich are also great but “Round N Round” was a good choice too.

    • Flà.

      ok is my jam

  • firstly, a little rant: my goodness! what the fuck are the show’s cameramen taking to work? it’s impossible to watch that shit!

    i find them beyond unappealing. lol and the blond rapper needs to GO!

  • abbee

    “I love these flops, even if nobody else does!” story of my life.

  • Hiddensone

    I am just surprised that Nahyun didn’t snatch Suzy’s weave yet with her looks.

    • Flà.

      tbh, she’s also into acting and netizens would be all over her. Just today, an article of her gaining attention was released. And finally!

  • Seba

    Please review Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Crazy Party Night!

  • I was hoping they would stick with B.A.P. lite… but I like this track as well. When will I ever get the female version of B.A.P./BTS… someone needs to make up a group like that with an Amber to keep all the fangirls happy.

    • Flà.

      where were you when they got boycotted (and still) because of the bap-ts thing? And being bashed because of the masterpiece Dejavu was and how it looked lik Bap’s Warrior when they were already announced in 2013 as bap’s sister group

      • I was around… I was hoping that they would just stick through… It’s even funnier to me now since B.A.P is back with TS. But its sucks that because TS couldn’t pay what they owed, these girls got hate.

  • Mattey


    A song called Round and Round (and is stylized to N this time)

    A retro vibe

    jean shorts

    near/in the summer season of release

    not a title track

    7 members.

    FLOPAMOO is copying Slay-ara!

  • roelm

    “Watching SONAMOO’s vivacious live performances and cute choreography, I can’t help but see “Round N Round” as a seriously hit-worthy track. ”

    Agree with this. They have really brought out the fun aspect of disco music. I do have a bit of a reservation with backing track. The strings sound somewhat muffled and are not as clear as they could have been. Nevertheless, I like the song and their performances a lot: sexy and cute at the same time.

  • kasey307

    Sad they wasted a good dance routine on this bland filler song.