'Somehow' Makes DIA The Gangkiz of 2015 (And That's a Good Thing)
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A few years ago MBK Entertainment’s shady founder Kim Kwang-soo gave an interview about why two of his post-T-ara girl groups, Gangkiz and F-ve Dolls, had failed. Kim K chalked it down to both groups lacking ace members like Jiyeon and Eunjung and Qri, and also for being too similar to the superior T-ara.

The launch of MBK’s latest girl group, DIA, shows that the agency hasn’t learned their lesson–and I for one, am not complaining!

Now that T-ara’s toxic in Korea, MBK has decided to steal from the most popular girl group of the current generation, A Pink (a.k.a. Slay Pink).

DIA’s Shinsadong Tiger-produced debut single, “Somehow,” is straight up retro ’90s K-pop–the exact type A Pink have made their signature sound through hits like “My My” and “Remember.”

It’s common for K-pop groups to plagiarize other groups, especially when it comes to rookies, but MBK is always extra shameless about it. DIA’s outfits are copy and pasted from “My My” and “Remember,” and they also wear the loose sweater and pleated skirt ensemble that’s been a big hit with rookie girl groups this year.

On top of that, they ripped off a Lovelyz promo photo.

Half the members look plastic and not that innocent, which makes DIA come across not like another A Pink, Lovelyz, or G-Friend, but like the iljin equivalent of those groups. Bad girls that couldn’t cut it at the more reputable agencies, so they ended up at the scandalous MBK instead.

I live for K-pop plagiarism and messy girl groups with legitimately good music, so DIA’s a win for me. Their unbelievably cheap album artwork and the fact that they filmed their MV overseas in Hong Kong further cements them as Gangkiz’s successors.

Of course, this means that they’re going to flop just as hard as Gangkiz did too, but it looks like they’re aimed more at the Chinese music market anyway, so I’m not even gonna pay much attention to the Korean charts.

After all the incredible girl groups we’ve seen debut this year (April, CLC, Oh My Girl…) it was time for some more trash like DIA to join Pocket Girls and SUS4 and restore the K-pop balance between good and evil!

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