2011 and 2012 was an interesting time for K-pop. The hallyu wave had crashed Japan and Western media outlets had started paying attention to the genre. For a brief period there was a feeling that maybe K-pop could take over the world, which in Korea resulted in an insane number of sloppy low budget rookie groups being spewed out to cash in on hallyu.

One group from that time that I’ve never been able to forget is Leader’S. I’m not quite sure why they stuck with me so much; maybe it was the ambitious 24-member concept they stole from AKB48 (which never came to fruition, might I add), or just the fact that I really liked their first single, “Please” (which never even received a music video and was performed just once on music programs).

Like everyone, I assumed that Leader’S were gone forever, but it turns out that after four years, they’re finally making a comeback.

This is even more shocking than when Piggy Dolls returned with skinny new replacements! (R.I.P. original Piggy Dolls lineup).

Leader’S will return as a 5-member group this month, either on the 7th or the 30th (depending on which report you read–I think it’s probably the 7th).

This is Leader’S first comeback since 2011, but they actually had sub-unit promotions (lol) in the form of Leader’S T last year with a $2 electro flop called “Kimchi Witch.”

Messy queens. They should just absorb C-Real, LPG, BPPOP, and Skarf and revive their 24-member concept.

Anyway, can check out one of their new songs (possibly the title track) below. It’s not bad for a cheap ballad!

leader's 2015 02

  • hmmm… “please” is awful and a half lol… “story” is cute, but if that’s their track title it’s more than basic lol

  • culchan

    Shit, if Leader’S can have a comeback, then Girl2School can have a comeback. And if Girl2School can have a comeback, then LXIA can have a comeback! And if LXIA can have a comeback, then… then… then HAM can have a comeback!!!!!!! HAM HAM HAM HAM HAM!!!!!!

  • Mattey

    Yes! Completely agree about the absorption with C-Real, LPG, BPPOP and Skarf. Might as well throw in any Queen B’Z as well. You know it’s time to pack up when you can’t even afford a low budget Blady music video.

  • lucinda veen

    Someone needs to makes chart of nugu tiers along the lines of the girl-group charts that come out every year. Who is the “wall” of nuguness, the lowest of the low-budget? Because I swear I keep hearing about groups that make Hello Venus look like SNSD.

    • lol the proph [mr arcadey’s former blog-persona] used to keep good track of them.