Update: New BEG album is reportedly due out late September/Early October through Nega Network, despite the members’ individual contract terminations. 

Jea, Miryo, and Narsha –the remaining Brown Eyed Girls members signed to Nega Network– have officially left the agency after almost a decade.

The trio are currently free agents and have yet to start shopping for a new label, but now that the cat is out of the bag I’m sure that they’ll be fielding offers left and right.

If you’ve read any of my recent BEG posts (such as this one on Miryo’s busted solo comeback) then you’ll know that Nega’s been a terrible agency for years now and lacked the financial means to support a group as big as BEG. I’m not going to go over all that crap again since I’ve already said it, I’m just glad that the girls are finally free and may now be able to get the group back on track after years of mismanagement.

Ga-In is currently signed as a soloist to APOP Entertainment, a subsidiary of the popular Mystic Entertainment, which is how she’s been able to continue her solo career (Nega was not picking up that cheque).

Although BEG are all over the place right now, they’ve been working on a comeback album for the past few months and have previously indicated that they plan to continue promoting as a group, so I don’t think we need to worry about disbandment. Even the worst case scenario, if Ga-In left the group or couldn’t contractually promote with them (which wouldn’t happen, but this is a hypothetical), BEG would still most likely continue on as a trio.

Now let’s all remain hopeful and optimistic about BEG’s future. After years of fuckery at Nega, these divine queens are finally going to get the support they need and deserve to come back and slay us with their future Golden Disk Award winning album.

Note to Nega: You motherfuckers better not pull some legal shit like not giving BEG the rights to their name or back catalogue!

Here’s a video of BEG performing at some event this year… They look flawless.

  • Lin Yang

    Yes. Now release the album of the century and dominate the charts. Plus I hope all 4 members continue with solo activities as well.

  • byoing~byoing.


    I’m sure a label will pick them up. I mean they’re already trained, have an established fan base and what not. I’m not sure which one will though. Maybe AOMG might? I just hope it’s an actual label with funding. : If I had to pick a label for them to go to, I’d say LOEN. I mean they haven’t done wonders for Sunny Hill, but they’ve kept them alive at least and it’d be nice to see those two collab with Narsha again.

    • Ideally i’d like Mystic, coz it’s a big label, Ga-In is there, and they’ve shown they can still do creative out the box stuff (the hawahh era, truth or dare)

      • byoing~byoing.

        It would be good if mystic did, but I don’t know how kpop labels work outside of slave driving contracts. Surely the contract would make them have to release more albums which would be good for us, but would they go for it? Loen seems to be pretty lax on making their artists promote, but idk if that’s even what beg wants. It could of been an after school situation for them… You’re right tho, It’d make sense for them to considering they’ve already got Gain.

  • KK88

    Listen. I’m just gonna say it. I don’t give a shit (right now) about BEG, JEA, MIRO or GAg-andshoveit-IN. I JUST NEED A FUCKING NEW EP/ALBUM/DIGITAL SINGLE/BREATH OF AIR from the MULTI-LINGUAL KWEEN of SOUTH (and North) KOREA NARSHA!!!!!!! ARHDSKHSDKFHSDFKH. (I know she’s the reason Nega is bust in the first place [$100k on wigs from her first mini album promo alone] BUT IT WAS WORTH IT….”Il fait tres chaud!”

    • Leonardo Henrique


      • KK88

        Mmm Hmm Honey!

  • “Note to Nega: You motherfuckers better not pull some legal shit like not giving BEG the rights to their name or back catalogue!”

    considering this is prolly the ONLY means of money they’ve got, this is a high possibility.

  • now…what’s next.. pledis?


    The girls were feeling their oats during that Abracadabra performance!
    This is honestly the best news I’ve heard all year, even better than the return of Lesbian S&M Goddess of the Underworld Seo Ji Soo.
    I mean I just think about all of the amazing things that BEG could do given the proper backing. Considering the flawlessness that is the Brown Eyed Girls and their perfect back catalog, the notion that they could actually push it even further makes me moist.

    2016: YEAR OF THE BEG

    • KK88

      You typed ‘Year’ instead of ‘Century’.

  • Mattey

    Are we not gonna make a big fucking deal on that performance though. They’ve haven’t looked that good in a LONG time. Their wigs, their new faces, their sexy black outfits, EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING.
    Apop should just sign the other 3 on. If Gain alone can rake them a lot of dough, BEG can as well. They’d be foolish not to.

  • walter

    헐 another f(x)/beg comeback? shit i’m gonna need diapers for this