SISTAR‘s rapper Hyorin has released a free hip-hop song online to promote her upcoming stint on season 2 of Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar.

The Female Drake tbh.

bora crying gif

Meanwhile, Bora, who is best known for speaking during some of SISTAR’s songs, has now become a mute and found herself a new career as a video vixen.

The 25-year-old can be seen all soaking wet and sexy in the MV for labelmate Jooyoung’s steamy new single, “Wet,” which is a socially conscience song about South Korea’s water shortage.

Check it out below.

The Female Drake

  • Waiting for someone to read this and think “the female Drake” is a compliment.

  • Jad

    Im surprised at how much I like this

  • lildarien

    “Bora, who is best known for speaking during some of SISTAR’s songs….”


  • Egbutts Egbust

    hyorin unni is so good
    female drake is such an amazin compliment :’)


  • /listens to wet
    *bobs burgers voice* it’s not subtle

  • Mattey

    If Yezi is the Meek Mill then this season of URS may not be so bad.

    • Oh god… that will be hilarious.

      • Mattey

        IKR? I want some serious shade this season.

  • GizmoGadgetry

    Hyorin really seemed like she was going in the direction of a more seasoned vocalist career, what with her time on I Am A Singer and picking up “Let It Go”. I almost dared to think that her next big step would be to pick up more classical training (if she could learn to get rid of the rasp). I’m a big fan of her so I can dream, right? But now that she’s gone this route, it just seems more and more like she’ll pick up anything that comes along. That’s fine and all but I just hope that it doesn’t wind up distracting her from where her talent really lies.

    (But honestly her technique sounds the same in all her singing up to this point anyway so maybe I’m just putting faith where it isn’t due.)

    • Dilia

      Do NOT come for the rasp, it is sublime and like her trademark!

  • Db

    As much as I love Bora, everything you wrote after that gif is the stone cold truth. Let’s be honest, she’s just there to look pretty and bring back the hot:ugly ratio to 1:1.

  • Hyorin Minaj singer rap princess be like: Bora what’s good?!

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    “Bora, who is best known for speaking during some of SISTAR’s songs….” – shut your ratched, defiled mouth because Bora is true #rapkween and shall never ever be dethroned regardless of how flawless Hyorin’s technique is… please cleanse your mouth with the collab of the year Feedback where she slays the cast of URS Season 1…

    you know that she’s polished and perfected her rap-talking that Hyuna can’t even touch her because she is the best.

    beware because if you drag her name to mud again she’ll drown you in her red pool

  • snailsong

    the styling continues to be cringe worthy but i actually like the song lmao

    also JUSTICE FOR BORA!!! she’s like a classically trained dancer or some shit i remember reading and also she is a certified angel + visual queen!!

  • BadB*tch

    I def need an umbrella after listening to that song

  • I love how un board you are with her ‘revamp’. Hyorin is doing everything CL is famous for, and not getting the credit.