I was cooking dinner last night with the TV on for background noise when I heard G-Friend‘s name mentioned. It’s not like corny Australian talk shows to discuss the exploits of K-pop stars, but the show made a brief detour from its soft, obvious political coverage and celebrity scandals for G-Friend, who are currently going viral with a video of them slipping over eight times during a recent performance of “Me Gustas Tu.”

It was the second time that day I’d seen G-Friend in the Australian news, and when I punched their name into Google earlier, I discovered that Time, Daily Mail, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, and many more have reported about the group’s slippery performance.

The exposure from the video (which is approaching 2 million views and climbing fast) is now helping “Me Gustas Tu” bounce back up the digital charts in Korea, much like Yerin’s Running Man appearance helped “Glass Bead” earlier this year.

“Me Gustas Tu” had been hovering around the No. 30, sometimes higher, on Melon since it came out, but following the accident it’s now around No. 11.

Their chart comeback is awesome, but as a K-pop fan the press around the accident slightly frustrates me. I hate to be a spoil sport, but I can’t help but roll my eyes every time a media outlet laughs at G-Friend’s fall or cracks a joke about their lip syncing instead of acknowledging how fucking dangerous this shit is. Any K-pop fan is well aware of the bad conditions idols often have to perform in and how prevalent injuries are.

On a lighter note, yay for G-Friend! “Me Gustas Tu” is now their second smash hit of 2015. Once this era’s officially over, they’ll be without a doubt the second biggest rookie girl group after Red Velvet.

  • lildarien

    I’m just wondering how long until imitation-dols Badkiz feature in their own slip n slide viral video.

  • T-rollypoly (Fiestar Yezus)

    I also got surprised when I saw MGT at #17 then #15. I have seen the video before that on reddit but didn’t think the push upwards was because of the vid going viral. Prior to the video, they peaked at #25 if I remember it correctly (I have a chart obsession, I always check GGs positions). What happened to them was terrible but also a blessing in disguise. Yes! 2nd most successful rookie of 2014-2015 GG indeed.

  • Hiddensone

    Damn it’s now #11 on Melon. What kind of sorcery.
    I am happy they are getting success out of it because that one girl Yuju was about to slap a hoe the 5th time she fell, but idk I really wish it could have happened to a super nugu group :'( but that’s just my ass being pressed.

    Anywhore, I wonder if it can snatch Longevity Heart in the next few days

  • Hiddensone

    Also aren’t Mamamoo pretty big too for a rookie girl group? UOAY is going to surpass 1 million by the end of the year.

    • That’s true. MAMAMOO, G-Friend, and Red Velvet the rookie queens

  • Satan is pleased with their sacrifice. Long live the G-Witches!

  • KingBeaArthur

    I was cringing watching them slip & fall :( I’m glad “Me Gustas Tu” is climbing! That song (and the group) finally won me over!

  • Poor girls :(

  • Johnnyyy

    I’m pretty sure they were sabotaged by either someone from the crew or a fellow group. Shit like this doesn’t just happen.

  • Mattey

    You know myB put some oil on the stage so they can fall on their faces and snatch their weaves. Only it backfired.

    I’m not much of a Gfriend fan, I am a SinB fan because I need my Jessica Jung fix and she’s the closest thing to it.

  • I hope this won’t encourage stupid managers of rookie groups to tell their idols to “do something” on stage to get viral attention.

  • i commented last night on asian junkie, this was one of the most disturbing k-pop videos i’ve seen ever since i became a fan of the genre. the fact that no a single person from the event’s staff appeared to clean the stage or had paused it so it could be done is already startling, but that media is focusing on lip-synching instead of poor working conditions is disgusting.

  • Looking forward “AOA – Heart Attack dance practice (slippery ver.)”

  • snailsong

    properly disgusted that grown adults would watch this and laugh, they’re literally teenage girls repeatedly injuring themselves on stage?? who aren’t allowed to stop performing or even dance less intensely????? honestly