Badkiz Are Back With Another Banger 'Come Closer'
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I first discovered Badkiz last year when they pretended to be in a car accident so they could use Ladies’ Code’s fatal crash for media play. It led me to their singles “Ear Attack” and “BABOMBA,” two sickeningly fierce and addictive EDM anthems with wannabe-viral videos jacked straight from the Crayon Pop playbook.

Their new ‘Summer’ single “Come Closer” (released just as Summer is ending…) is less electro and more urban. Like a growing number of K-pop tracks, it’s a horn-y post-“Up & Down” slice of hip-hop — only cheaper, because it’s Badkiz.

The low budget actually works in Badkiz’s favour, giving “Come Closer” a dirty, gritty feel that stands out against EXID and Fifth Harmony’s polished hits.

There’s also an iconic rap that references forgotten mid-noughties diva Fergie: “I’m such a danjaruss, you’re such a fabaluss, koreakoreankorean Fergie korean glamahruss.

Like most nugu music videos the MV is unintentionally hilarious/flawless, with the bikini-clad Badkiz shaking their asses like it’s spring break on what looks like the coldest and most overcast day in history.

The live stages are even better because we get to see one of the best point dances of the year: Badkiz grab their male backup dancers and aggressively hump them while those dirty horns blare in the background.

Gangkiz left this world too soon, but their trashy spirit lives on in their daughters, Badkiz.

  • T-rollypoly (Fiestar Yezus)

    Stan stan stan!!!

    • Db

      I lowkey stan them too!

  • lildarien

    How did this nugu group get better choreo than several copy selling Hyuna?

  • Reddyyay

    This is honestly better than most of the messes that were released this Summer & altho they have gone through like 3 member changes they still slay

    • I checked their members out when I was writing this and they have six former members and this is only their third comeback lmao

      • Db

        The only one I recognize is the one with the long black hair. I think she’s half German or something. She’s also one of the OG members I believe.

        • Quingg

          That’s Monika who looks almost plastic doll like

          The group originally debuted with Monika, Bom Bom, Jina, Eunjoo and Yeunji.

          Eunjoo left and joined Luluz with Seoyoon and Loa (they also disbanded and Eunjoo and Seoyoon joined WANNA.B).

          Yeunji also left.

          Yoomin and Hana joined as replacements and then Bom Bom left and then Jina left shortly after. Then Yoomin and Hana left.

          The group regrouped as 4 with Monika, K.Me (rapper), Haneul (ugly one who has the ponytail) and Lua (main dancer I think).

      • Reddyyay

        jfc, I know that only 1 girl stayed from their last comeback but geez, oh and one of the girls from Ear Attack debuted with those attention whores Wanna.B

  • Db

    We all know the true star of the MV is that black fly that makes a cameo at 1:22. That’s how budget and messy Badkiz are!

    (Not gonna lie, I started to type Gangkiz before I realized it. RIP Gangkiz)

    • William Love

      i rediscovered honey honey the other day and i want my trashy ahjumma ladies back <3

      • Db

        They’re long gone, sadly.

  • KingBeaArthur

    The live stage convinced me this is actually good! (their dancers are hot!)

  • BadB*tch

    I like thiss songggg, would love to get pounded to itttt by some aggressive Korean male

  • Mattey

    I’m kind of glad they switched out the fugly members from Babomba for some new plastic unnies. And the best part yet, they kept their wannabe viral concept. YESSSS YOU GO NUGUS

  • culchan

    Loved this song until that middle 8 sucked the life right out of it. Fortunately the rap brought it back from the dead.

  • everytime i read about this group i think of the phenomenal gangkiz. and i get sad.

  • james edward

    This sounds like what Bestie should’ve followed up their flawless “excuse me” with.

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    “koreankoreankorean Fergie korean glamuhruss…” – I’M DEAD. RIP GANGKIZ & ME