I can’t believe that three of my all-time favourite K-pop acts all came back at the same time. It’s not just the good music that I’m excited about, it’s also the comeback stages.

Nation’s girl group Wonder Girls have been getting shit from haters and jealous fandoms for having to hand sync their instruments like The Monkees, but its impossible to slam them after seeing their performances.

How did Hyelim become so hot and charismatic? Her transformation is on par with SNSD’s Hyoyeon! She’s the new Fan Bing Bing and from now on shall be addressed as such.

Anyway, besides the band concept Wonder Girls have also been serving classic idol realness with performances of their various Reboot tracks. They gave late ’80s hip-hop for “Back,” golden dance diva for “Candle,” and slinky sex appeal for “Rewind.”

When will AOA Black?


[Rewind / Music Bank] [Back / Music Core]

After watching T-ara go all dark and edgy for their last few comebacks, it’s so nice to see the group back to their old-school fun and games style that got lost after the scandal tarnished their bright image.

Inkigayo and Music Bank featured the sexy sailor outfits, but Music Core had T-ara dressed in their quirky cafe clothes from the “So Crazy” music video. Watching it, I felt like I was back in the “Roly Poly” era and was reminded how much I prefer this concept over T-ara’s dark EDM look.


[So Crazy / Music Bank] [So Crazy / Inkigayo]

SHINee kills it on stage with every comeback, and “Married To The Music” is no exception.

While the song isn’t my favourite SHINee single, the performances feature everything you expect from SHINee: namely fierce fashion and crazy stunt choreography.

SHINee and TVXQ are both so good that even if you don’t like music you still can’t not be blown away by their stages. Other boy bands take note!


[MTTM / Music Bank] [MTTM / Inkigayo]