I can’t believe that three of my all-time favourite K-pop acts all came back at the same time. It’s not just the good music that I’m excited about, it’s also the comeback stages.

Nation’s girl group Wonder Girls have been getting shit from haters and jealous fandoms for having to hand sync their instruments like The Monkees, but its impossible to slam them after seeing their performances.

How did Hyelim become so hot and charismatic? Her transformation is on par with SNSD’s Hyoyeon! She’s the new Fan Bing Bing and from now on shall be addressed as such.

Anyway, besides the band concept Wonder Girls have also been serving classic idol realness with performances of their various Reboot tracks. They gave late ’80s hip-hop for “Back,” golden dance diva for “Candle,” and slinky sex appeal for “Rewind.”

When will AOA Black?


[Rewind / Music Bank] [Back / Music Core]

After watching T-ara go all dark and edgy for their last few comebacks, it’s so nice to see the group back to their old-school fun and games style that got lost after the scandal tarnished their bright image.

Inkigayo and Music Bank featured the sexy sailor outfits, but Music Core had T-ara dressed in their quirky cafe clothes from the “So Crazy” music video. Watching it, I felt like I was back in the “Roly Poly” era and was reminded how much I prefer this concept over T-ara’s dark EDM look.


[So Crazy / Music Bank] [So Crazy / Inkigayo]

SHINee kills it on stage with every comeback, and “Married To The Music” is no exception.

While the song isn’t my favourite SHINee single, the performances feature everything you expect from SHINee: namely fierce fashion and crazy stunt choreography.

SHINee and TVXQ are both so good that even if you don’t like music you still can’t not be blown away by their stages. Other boy bands take note!


[MTTM / Music Bank] [MTTM / Inkigayo]

  • Alex

    RIP to Lim’s baby fat, which apparently got blasted away in the water shot during the MV shoot. Even with a cute concept, Soyeon still serving bitch face, my bias Yubin killing it with her 1-word “baby” hook, and Nation’s rapper Qri slaying her Sound of Music rap. I am dead.

    • anya

      Ikr, how does Yubin slays everytime she does her “baby” line, like she done it multiple times already, I watched it multiple times already but I’m still blown away everytime Yubin does that oh my god.

    • james edward

      Yubin is killing every aspect of the performance! Im just so happy they’re back.

  • Marshmellow

    The top 3 most iconic things in these videos
    1. Qri’s pink glove.

    2. Qri’s pink glove

    3. Qri’s pink glove

    • ChuLipso

      runner up: Qri grinning when the camera pans to her @ 1:27

  • Marhaebwa

    I’m gonna confess. Because WonderSlay had been slaying me left, right and center this past week and a bit, I was sleeping a bit on T-ArAOA’s new track – but how rude of me to do that. The stages woke me up! Qri’s iconic two lines, Eunjung’s high notes, Soyeon’s “bitch-betta-have-my-money” face, Hyomin’s effervescent sexiness, Jiyeon still looking fiercer/cuter than your faver, and Boram’s existence – all ICONIC!

    The song is alright as well.



  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    the live perfs had officially sealed my love for Hyomin inside a coffin because Soyeon is obviously the queen of this era. she simply had to balance out everyones happy smiles with her glorious bitch face and their faves can never…

    the only flaw in find in this is that Soyeon’s look is different from mv. are they trying to uglify my kween so Jiyeon doesn’t get overshadowed? who has the answers?

  • Jinx

    tip: directioniers are giving me glorious salty pressed tears cuz Slay-ara slayed their faves.

    • shoopdoop

      lmao is this the billboard fandom war vote? the salt is delicious

  • MolkangMolkang

    Got my Lim justice. #Limjusticeleague

    • KingBeaArthur

      Only through a technicality. There will be a mistrial!

      • MolkangMolkang

        Until then. *laughs, walking into the distance*

        • KingBeaArthur

          Until then…

  • Wonder Girls have reached the epic final pokemon form, and have evolved into 100% perfect visual-songwriter-dols.

    That said, this August is freaking amazing, and I am actually excited for the Gayos this year.

  • yosafbridge

    On a related note, is this the beginning of T-ara’s redemption back into the hearts of the K-pop fandom? By simultaneously unifying all of K-pop into making a symbolic gesture to show that Hallyu is alive and kicking and subtly reminding all k-poppers that T-ara is still one of ours.


  • KingBeaArthur

    Ok, *clears throat*: FUCK ALL THE HATERS! The Wonder Girls have proven they’re musically inclined. Attacking WG for miming on stage is like accusing After School of not being real strippers.

    Just saw an article where Yubin said she cried after their comeback stage (not from happiness, which seems nuts since they’ve had nothing but flawless stages!). Lim’s transformation is suspect. It was so sudden; I don’t think we should rule out black magic. [she sacrificed Lena for eternal youth, ya’ll!!!]

    T-ara are having so much fun in their stages! Really sells the song. Sexy Hyomin reallllllllly sells the song. #wouldifIcould

    SLLLLAAAYYYEEED by SHINee’s stage! I still don’t LOVE the song but their energy and enthusiasm really makes up for what’s lacking.

  • well maybe i’ll comeback here to comment on all the others, but for now i need to express all my boners on the wonder girls stages.

    i totally agree on lim, even though i’ve always liked her, she’s looking more “part-of-the-group” now that she’s a bonafide sexy-ulgy hottie. but well, i cannot… all my lesbianity comes out whenever yubin’s onscreen. the woman is perfect and her bitch-face is so amazing you kinda wish she never smiles… or else you’ll melt and die of hotness.

    i love the song selections for the comeback stages. “back” is surprisingly fun since it has “try hard” written all over it. however, after a few spins it’s impossible not to love it. plus, yubin’s voice tone is perfect ofr this 1990’s “fresh prince of bel-air”-esque hip hop.

    “rewind” is also delicious and you can always win me with some chair-work choreography – even if it’s tame and silly like this one.

    that said, though, i’d love to have a full “reboot” tv-concert with more songs being played. the album is FANTASTIC and i’d love to see lim rocking out “oppa” on the stage and “one black night” deserved a full out zombie killer-stripper performance (yes, i’m picturing sunmi all rose mcgowan with machine gun leg and all)!

  • Mattey

    I wonder how the competition feels competing with the World’s Dictator, Qri? Qri slays all, Qri is life.