There’s a couple of VIXX songs I think are really bad, but overall I consider myself a fan of the band. (Especially their early synthpop stuff.)

I felt guilty for sleeping on the Boys’ Record era so I made an effort to check out the group’s new hip-hop unit, VIXX LR, only to somehow be more disappointed than I was the other week when I found out Seunghee had been added to DIA.

It’s not because VIXX LR is a terrible version of the superior INFINITE H or that their entire mini-album is filled with safe generic rap ballads that upsets me, it’s the lack of ~Ken~, the finest visual in all the land, that has me shedding tears for all eternity.

The fact that the sub-unit’s music video has some kind of homoerotic theme to it just makes me even more pressed that MyDol ~Ken~ isn’t in it.

I know that ~Ken~ recently got a solo single, but it was a boring seasonal duet with Hani that didn’t even get an official music video so it doesn’t really count. When I think of ~Ken~ going solo, I envision something like this then I BRB, run to my room, lock the door, stay there for five minutes, then come out with a handful of scrunched up tissues sheepishly saying “What? I have a cold!

K-pop needs more ~Ken~, not more of that terrible rapper Ravi or this ‘Leo’ guy that I’ve never even heard of despite following VIXX since “Rock Ur Body.”


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  • byoing~byoing.

    UM, HONEY.

    You CANNOT call dibs on U-Know, Jonghyun, Juhno and now Ken. I will cut you.

    • KingBeaArthur

      ^ THANK YOU. Count me in if you plan on running through. I got you.

    • After careful consideration I decided to retire Jonghyun has my longtime BF. He’s still iconic but we’ve just drifted apart over time, but I wish him all the best and we remain close friends.

      Now I just have daddy Yunho and B.A.P’s Yongguk as my main men, and Ken and Junho on the side when I’m in the mood to #EatDaBooty

    • polyamorous relationships; fun for the whole fandom

  • KingBeaArthur

    The Ken of it all…I’m in heaven.

  • Quang Phạm

    Leo’s English is especially annoying.

    Anyway this whole sub-unit is just a way Jellyfish gives the band some rest while simultaneously gives the ‘singer/rapper’ of the group some creative freedom so that they can’t riot in the future.

  • Mattey

    I haven’t felt this cheated since what YG did to Seungri’s flawless solo. WTF Jellyfish. You unleased my Kukumber stare.

    • byoing~byoing.

      Omfg where did you find a bad picture of her? They’ve all been relatively good since Hurt Locker! God damn Sungah taking her under her wing and making her learn how to be ugly.

      • Mattey

        It was so hard to find this picture. I think I found it when I typed “9Muses Keumjo model” in the google images search images. How ironic.


    -me, reading this article

    also I have hated everything that has come out of vixx this year, which is weird because they were keeping the boy groups alive last year

    • Grant Williams

      I actually liked Love Equation, despite it being a cover, thought it was one of the better Kpop songs released this year (And I’ve listened to literally ANYTHING anyone bothered to record on that 2015 releases wiki page). Everything else released was just so lowkey, haha. But HALO stole the title of best synthpop-py boyband track with “Surprise”.

      • really? tbh what I’m struggling with about vixx this year is the fact that they’re trying so hard to be a generic cookie cutter boyband when their main draw is weirdness

        • I hate their more EDM stuff like Eternity and Error. They need to go back to the heavily synthesized songs, like GR8U, Super Hero, Rock Ur Body, Hyde, On & On etc

  • Considering I stan VIXX (despite being a general girl group stan), I will admit that Ken, Hyuk and N are what’s really making me stan this group. This song is aight. not my type of song.

    “Rock Ur Body” will always be my all time fave VIXX song though.

  • Grant Williams

    It was only ok, and that made me sad. Ravi is still a hottie as long as he doesn’t open his mouth, though!!!

  • I like majority of VIXX’s stuff with my least favorite being their most recent Boys Record or whatever it was called. I just know the song was ass. The only members I really care about are Leo and N.

  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    Well it could be worse, at least Hongbin isn’t in it

  • Kpopular

    I hope I can see Ken perform the whole of Wiggle Wiggle before I die.

  • Hyoyeon: The White Babe

    eeeeeeeek! I love me some Leo tho. that cold-hearted oppa face and appeal is hot lol. and his long hair is life! I couldn’t care less about that rapper with a massive nose but leo is hngggggg

    I love Ken too because he’s gay for D.O and who wouldn’t want some D…O in their lives amirite? XD

  • capselectricboy

    I’ve recently got into VIXX after stumbling on On and On. I’m always a slut for girl groups so I had never really actually cared about boy groups (Teen Top is an exception only cuz of Daddy C.A.P) but anyways, I’m legit in love with Ken omfg the group is great and Ken is like Stepdaddy tbh

    Anyways, I heard that Leo and Ravi were doing a subunit and I was like “eh why the fuck did they put the sad mannequin instead of Ken?” and this song is legit as boring and Leo’s personality and stage presence. I wish Ken was in the unit because at least….I would have gotten some eyecandy and let’s be real, a homoerotic MV with Ken and Ravi sounds absolutely amazing <3 The album is boring af too, I'm hoping their next group comeback brings back something like Hyde or Voodoo Doll.

    • uyuun

      I know this was like ages ago but i feel the need to voice this out. I perfectly understand we all have our own preferences in music but it doesn’t give you the right to call Leo a sad mannequin just bcs you dislike him. Like you don’t even know his real personality to begin with since you clearly judged him from his cold mannerism alone.

  • lildarien

    Leave it to VIXX to drop a ballad I can actually stan for!

  • shoopdoop

    arcadey, this is my favorite post from you.