There’s a couple of VIXX songs I think are really bad, but overall I consider myself a fan of the band. (Especially their early synthpop stuff.)

I felt guilty for sleeping on the Boys’ Record era so I made an effort to check out the group’s new hip-hop unit, VIXX LR, only to somehow be more disappointed than I was the other week when I found out Seunghee had been added to DIA.

It’s not because VIXX LR is a terrible version of the superior INFINITE H or that their entire mini-album is filled with safe generic rap ballads that upsets me, it’s the lack of ~Ken~, the finest visual in all the land, that has me shedding tears for all eternity.

The fact that the sub-unit’s music video has some kind of homoerotic theme to it just makes me even more pressed that MyDol ~Ken~ isn’t in it.

I know that ~Ken~ recently got a solo single, but it was a boring seasonal duet with Hani that didn’t even get an official music video so it doesn’t really count. When I think of ~Ken~ going solo, I envision something like this then I BRB, run to my room, lock the door, stay there for five minutes, then come out with a handful of scrunched up tissues sheepishly saying “What? I have a cold!

K-pop needs more ~Ken~, not more of that terrible rapper Ravi or this ‘Leo’ guy that I’ve never even heard of despite following VIXX since “Rock Ur Body.”


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