About a week ago I saw Stellar performing “Vibrato” on Inkigayo in some¬†pretty white outfits, and I wondered why they were dolled up all cute when this era is supposed to be a hardcore sexy concept.

It turns out those outfits are from the “Pure Cute Ver.” of their “Vibrato” dance practice video, which was just released today to celebrate Stellar getting 4000 fan cafe members.

This is cute and I love cute, but I’m so over the messiness of this era. It already felt like a cop out to drop the thong teaser then have the girls perform in Bridget Jones’ bloomers, and on top of that their outfits aren’t even as racy as AOA, Hyosung, and many more.

Now we’ve got the aegyo version of “Vibrato,” which is just a fun thing for the fans, but still. If you’re going to do a 19+ era then commit to it like “Marionette,” which was flawlessly executed right from the start.

Anyway, please anticipate Stellar’s upcoming episode of MBC’s Human Documentary, where you’ll be able to watch Hyoeun scrub a toilet and various people shed tears over the hardships of idol life.