About a week ago I saw Stellar performing “Vibrato” on Inkigayo in some¬†pretty white outfits, and I wondered why they were dolled up all cute when this era is supposed to be a hardcore sexy concept.

It turns out those outfits are from the “Pure Cute Ver.” of their “Vibrato” dance practice video, which was just released today to celebrate Stellar getting 4000 fan cafe members.

This is cute and I love cute, but I’m so over the messiness of this era. It already felt like a cop out to drop the thong teaser then have the girls perform in Bridget Jones’ bloomers, and on top of that their outfits aren’t even as racy as AOA, Hyosung, and many more.

Now we’ve got the aegyo version of “Vibrato,” which is just a fun thing for the fans, but still. If you’re going to do a 19+ era then commit to it like “Marionette,” which was flawlessly executed right from the start.

Anyway, please anticipate Stellar’s upcoming episode of MBC’s Human Documentary, where you’ll be able to watch Hyoeun scrub a toilet and various people shed tears over the hardships of idol life.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I love that they couldn’t even keep a straight face during this! LOL They look cute & sweet, but I’m not here for cute & sweet STELLAR, unfortunately.

  • Bruno

    god, this is simply hilarious. It just goes to show how thin the line between aegyo and racy really is. Pure cute queens. <3

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    fucking loved this LMFAO kweens laughing at all the groups pretending to be cute


    OMFG! LMAO! You could tell they felt so stupid doing this. Whatevs, I can’t wait until the documentary…I’m praying for rivers of tears tbh.

  • GizmoGadgetry

    This is so beautiful you can even see the next group waiting for their time slot outside the door.

  • Marhaebwa

    You do know it is them throwing shade to the haters who can’t even bare to look at short skirts and leg exposure, so Stellar are basically like “here you go, you fuckers. You wanted a different concept, here, now suck it.”

    The sad thing is some people are think they’re “better like this”, but will sleep on them if they were to bring out a Fool 2.0 #done

    • I love Vibrato but honestly I think Fool is a better song, and as far as concept and MV goes, well Fool MV looked more expensive and the concept was more consistent…

      • Marhaebwa

        Yeah totally Fool > Vibrato, especially in terms of direction and concept. That said, and as we well know, it literally isn’t what sells. I just think maybe the company, whilst being outright brave with Marionette, thought for some reason that this era may have been a bit overkill, so have been slightly reducing it, thus things like this shade/cutesy dance practice. However, if they had stuck through with it, it would have definitely been polarizing, but is that not the Stellar we’ve become to like now?

        • Honestly if they’d just kept the thong concept and made the outfits skimpier this era would’ve done better. Not been a smash or anything but done better than it is now. If you seriously examine their outfits they aren’t as skimpy as Hyosung or AOA, and since Stellar is meant to be the shocking sexy group pushing the envelope the furthest that is a disappointment.

          Even though they said they felt uncomfortable with it, I bet they’re regretting it after seeing what HyunA’s done for her teaser. Plus, Stellar already basically wore thongs for Marionette, in the MV and son of their stages it’s a half-thong with tights over it, but as soon as you bend down the tights material goes sheer and reveals the thong.

          Marionette had the best management and promo I think because they were with Top Class Entertainment still. Shinhwa’s eric then left the agency and something happened because it’s now called The Entertainment Pascal, so there must have been some kind of buy out and Stellar got different management.

          • Marhaebwa

            Yeah, it’s safe to say that Marionette was their to-date (but not final) peak. It will be interesting to see where they go from here as this concept is (or at least was supposed to be) Marionette-esque but obviously hasn’t gone as well. Do they go all-out mainstream and get a Duble Sidekick/Brave Sound production? Do they try again with the mature cuter Fool sound? Or another outright sexy concept?

            If it’s the final option, I don’t think ramping it up will be an issue, it’s sustaining it. I also think this new management saw that Stellar have acquired somewhat of a fan base from Vibrato (out of pity blah bah), so they are trying to keep and not drive them away.

            To be fair, post-Eric, I kinda stop checking for Top Class, so I didn’t even know it had changed, but it makes sense as the two promotional cycles are so different. The first one had Facebook interaction for goodness sake!

            Also, Hyuna is the true Rihanna-dol anyway, so Stellar could have never, but it would be nice to see them truly commit (next time anyway).

          • @arcadey:disqus ohh i totally agree with you both here, but i have an honest question: is stellar supposed to be “the pushing envelope” group because they are or because we like to see them that way?

            because sometimes, based on how their agency handles the backlash on their concepts, it seems that the folks out there are abso-fucking-lutely lost about what to do with them – the concepts – after their released and hated.

            maybe i’m wrong because i don’t follow the industry as deep as you both write here (knowing agencies’ name changes and personnel etc) but on a somewhat superficial point of view that’s what it feels like.

            so, rephrasing, do stellar really push the envelope with their sexiness or they’re just mimicking?

            PS: haha dear marhaebwa, you named hyuna the rihanna-dol, beware of the CL stans sasaeng-ing you lol ;)

          • Marhaebwa

            I totally see how it could come across as their ent. company being lost with their direction – and to a degree I believe that was true – but they saw Marionette was provoking enough to go from there. However, after the netz’ initial response to Marionette (and the goddamn tragic ignorance towards the ‘slays-to-this-day’ Mask) they probably thought they could “Fool” everyone and go back to Study-esque days….but that flopped for them literally, now we are back to Square Two (square one being pre-relevant Stellar).

            To answer your question, I think Marionette was initially meant to gain traction through the shock factor, but seeing that they did execute the “pushing-the-envelope” factor well enough, that’s what the company decided to spin as their group concept – and rightly so. That envelope was pushed!…

            Also, eww to CL stans though. CL is nowhere near being the Rihanna of Korea (if there is one). Hyuna’s current persona in the industry (mid-2010’s Hyuna) is soooooo RiRi.
            CL (as much as I know she grinds) is too try-hardy for that. Hyuna’s persona comes off almost effortless and none-regarding, like Rhiiii.

          • honestly, i still can’t see it as “pushing the envelope” if they keep always going back and forth with it. first it was a “mask” release with no decent promo, then going back to sweetness [even being musically above the average everyone else realeased at the time] and now this “they force us to be sexy” approach with “vibrato”. as jacques said it does seem a bit messy, but i don’t think a vibrato era thing, but their management whole thing so far.

            i feel kinda sorry for these girls because besides their talent, they’ve been putting out some of the best music of the past few years and nobody’s paying decent attention to it. because, honestly, besides arcadey i don’t see these commentaries and ideas nowhere else on the blogosphere that covers k-pop. it’s all about the skin they’re shedding… even if it’s a complimentary way, it’s still shallow and boring.

  • haha leave them be! suddenly you sound like those folks on asian junkie cute-shaming everyone :P

    *i’m kidding, puh-lease!*

  • Mattey

    I see what they did there. If you want them to not feel embarrassed and ashamed for doing sexy, then join their fancafe and buy their music. Then rewards with a cute concept. Haha, that marketing though, it’s the reverse of their Marionette hype. Love them so they can cover up xD

  • Nicole Naeun

    what the….