'So Crazy' Proves That Even Lazy T-ara Is Still So Good
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When I first heard the teaser for T-ara‘s Brave Brothers-produced comeback single, “So Crazy,” I immediately thought that it’d be a 2014 AOA rehash. After all, the song was recorded last year and was almost released in place of “Sugar Free,” so it’s not like they’d be kicking off 2015 with one of Brave’s fresher sounds, like “Heart Attack” or “Wiggle Wiggle.”

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T-ara’s So Good mini-album dropped today, and it turns out that “So Crazy” is more 4minute Brave than AOA Brave. This is a pleasant surprise, as Brave was giving 4minute his most innovative material before the girls ditched him for the team behind HyunA’s “Red” (who cooked up the even edgier “Crazy”).

To be fair, “So Crazy” isn’t quite as weird and wonderful as “What’s Your Name?” or “Whatcha Doin’ Today.” It’s a sped-up version of the latter (one of my favourite singles of 2014), with all the tropical synths and handclaps removed so it’s more streamlined.

The shameless similarities are really quite funny, though. The tubas, the fluttery pre-chorus, the “party toniiiggghhhttt” part that Brave literally copied and pasted from one song to the other. There’s also some nice original touches too, like old-school disc scratching and spaghetti western guitars (!!!).

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As expected, the lyrics are generic Brave fare (you’re hot, I’m blushing, blah blah), while the music video, while super fun, is just as derivative. Not only does it repeat scenes from previous T-ara videos (cleaning up a cafe, nerdy girls entering a competition), it also knocks-off AOA; the sexy cosplay outfits, the booty-centric dance moves, the goofy gagwoman guest star… it’s T-arAoa!

It’s pretty obvious that this was recorded and conceived last year when all this stuff was the trend, but that doesn’t make “So Crazy” a bad comeback. Like all Brave singles, it’s insanely catchy, and it’s not as generic as it could’ve been since it at least recycles the most unconventional Brave hit of last year.

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It still feels like T-ara, too. Remember pre-scandal, pre-EDM, when T-ara was the chameleon girl group? That’s because they can pull off anything, and this current transformation isn’t drastically different from what they used to do (minus the unoriginality of it all, of course).

What can I say? I love this comeback. I just wish it wasn’t coinciding with Wonder Girls’ ridiculously good return. It’s not fair to do that to anyone.

  • MolkangMolkang

    I like it, although it’s clearly not their best song. I’m hoping this means that they’re saving their best songs for China. While Brave Brothers releases good songs from time to time, they’ve all become clones unfortunately.

    Personally, I just think that this comeback is all about trying not to flop harder than the flawless Sugar Free which did not chart what it deserved. Seeing all of the other groups have generic songs that the public eats up I think they realised that that is the way to go in Korea for the moment. With the concept they’re dressing up which is a nice throwback but again now it’s become something AoA have taken over and fans love it. T-ara just went for the most generic and publicly likeable concept/song that is working for other groups currently.

    I’m okay with that. Bring on Shinsadong Tiger and China.

  • byoing~byoing.

    I can’t believe that you’re not highlighting the flawless rap of KWEEN QRISUS as one of the stand out points of the song. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BrWjO3OCQAAygg8.png
    I think this song was a really clever idea though. It’s pretty easy to listen to, it’s cute and sexy so it plays to both fan types it’s really easy to replay. They’ve said it themselves – they want to be liked by the public again, so going down a safe route and putting the unusual T-ara twist on it was very clever by MBK. Not to mention the point dances are adorable and easy to imitate so if some how they reach a point where the song becomes well liked by the public, it’ll be a hit on talk shows/variety shows just like Roly Poly was.

    • Darwin

      Ari time to rap, shhhh

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    its T-arAOA indeed. i think i said YAAAAAS like 5348641356484545 times reading this review… still a BB rehash but fxxk they rehashed Phominit and i am grateful. *cries rainbow tears*

    and why are we not talking about Kween Soyeon’s newly evolved form? her face at 1:38 indicates that the kween has finally hit daebak visually (for me personally… but she looks better with every comeback so i’ll hold off on calling it a day and let her evolve more).

    satisfying comeback, now lets keep our pussays clamped for their Chinese album

  • Darwin

    They released this song just like Britney released Pretty Girls… to have something new to perform live and not waste their studio money…

    • Maybe it was an omen from all the Britney type songs they did, but they are, in a way, the Britney of South Korea.

      • todayspopmusic


  • haha t-ara have been doing these nonsense concepts for so long that they’re the only group who trully seems to be having fun on these mvs. their comic relief is indeed recycled here but these girls never seem to be taking it that serious.

    expect for soyeon. bitch is always serious motherfucking mob queen! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    that said, okay fine where's my shinsadong tiger song?

  • Jaehyus

    Where’s the Dong China song?

  • todayspopmusic

    Can we all bow down to ChristRi Qrisus’s iconic “Do re mi fa sol la ti do” line???? MBK is genius at making the flawless vocalist that is Qri stand out with the most iconic vocal line and amazing rap of the existence of KPop.who needs Hyomin & Eunjung’s abondunce of lines when you only need 4 to outshine all your faves? Kgottagobai

    • swee seng Soo

      like cry cry, for u also

  • UncleFan

    It’s everything I hoped for. I almost feel bad for AOA, because T-ARA pulls off a song like this with so much more polish.

  • One big thing I have to give the girls credit for, is that they know how to act the hell out of their choreo/mv. Giving good face is vital, and that is something many groups lack. Even Soyeon nixed the botox from SF, cuz she is the star here. RuPaul needs to come to Seoul and hold a workshop for these stiff idols (or at the least, Miss J). Also, why are Brave Brothers not making AoA songs this good?

  • BadB*tch

    I hope they do another song like Sugar Free, that was literally amazinggg

  • ByronZ

    Addicted already :D

  • KingBeaArthur

    I love it for what it is. It’s hard to see this preceding or following “Sugar Free” though. That song is such a beast that “So Crazy” (while fun) pales in comparison.

    • The song is actually insanely addictive, give it a few days and you’ll be hooked like crack. The finger dance is fucking catchy too especially coz it’s so simple. Check out their comeback stage from The Show, really cute! It’s on T-ara World

  • Sunny

    Will these girls ever put out a flop song?! My fav parts of the song are the guitar parts, after they finish the chorus and come out with the “Ohs”. Keep up your flawless streak gurlz <3

    i love how they kept the "idol rap" part short (usually the killer to most good kpop songs nowadays)

  • Nicole Naeun

    While kind of sad that T-ara is no longer the trend-making boundaries-pushing group anymore, I actually find myself loving this comeback! The track is super catchy, I love that it’s a mixture of Brave AOA and Brave 4min, I love that T-ara now has more budget and back to their movie-style MV tho it’s not on par with the previous classics yet.

    The highlight of the MV for me was Hyomin’s solo rap and Hyomin at the end when she catwalked and brushed her hair in the most fierce/cute way.

    If there’s one thing I’m complaining is that this comeback lacks of gimmicks, T-ara is known as a gimmicky group but I feel like CCM didn’t go all out for this (I know ther $$$ comes from China now but still)

  • That squatting dance that they do at the end of the song, that shit is so fucking hot, the closeup on Jiyeon’s booty<3

  • As a T-ara fan I’m trying to like this song, but I just can’t. Just too boring and generic. But as some others have said, they are good at doing nice MVs and have a bit fun.