First SISTAR’s Hyorin was confirmed for Unpretty Rapstar 2, and now she’s rocking braids and chains in the music video for “Dark Panda,” her collaboration with the best idol rapper Zico and underground rapper-turned-Show Me The Money star, PALOALTO.

Instead of questioning Hyorin’s transformation from Sistar to Sistah, let’s just all accept her as the new Queen of Hip-Hop and prepare for the release of her inevitable rap albums, Strictly 4 My B.I.T.C.H.E.Z. and The Notorious H.Y.O. 


“Dark Panda” is a delight, blending ’90s house beats and moody synths with modern hip-hop and PBR&B. Naturally, it’s receiving a negative reception from Korean netizens because they like their rap music simple and familiar, but if a trio of British artists had done instead this you can guarantee it’d be a hit over there.

Much like the time they snubbed CL’s iconic “The Baddest Female,” Koreans just ain’t ready for this trendy Western hip-hop yet!