First SISTAR’s Hyorin was confirmed for Unpretty Rapstar 2, and now she’s rocking braids and chains in the music video for “Dark Panda,” her collaboration with the best idol rapper Zico and underground rapper-turned-Show Me The Money star, PALOALTO.

Instead of questioning Hyorin’s transformation from Sistar to Sistah, let’s just all accept her as the new Queen of Hip-Hop and prepare for the release of her inevitable rap albums, Strictly 4 My B.I.T.C.H.E.Z. and The Notorious H.Y.O. 


“Dark Panda” is a delight, blending ’90s house beats and moody synths with modern hip-hop and PBR&B. Naturally, it’s receiving a negative reception from Korean netizens because they like their rap music simple and familiar, but if a trio of British artists had done instead this you can guarantee it’d be a hit over there.

Much like the time they snubbed CL’s iconic “The Baddest Female,” Koreans just ain’t ready for this trendy Western hip-hop yet!

  • Alexz

    I don’t usually like K-Rap, but this sold me. Yes, I am a little partial to Qyeen Hyolyn, but the raps are solid and the lyrics are solid. Idk about the braids yet. They don’t bother me, but I am waiting for someone to say something. This song is like 10/10 for me. Hyolyn’s voice is perfect…the things she does with it<3

  • diamonddog

    I can’t stand how Sistar/Hyorin fans are all over comment sections ripping apart anyone who doesn’t fall into the “OMG GODDESS HYOLYN BEST VOICE EVAH” category. It’s… scary, tbh.

    • lol remember blackjacks and how the rest of all k-poppers don’t know shit about hip hop and can only understand aegyo and when the song has “oppa” on the lyrics? same shit.

  • Netz aren’t behind this? Would’ve thought this would be smooth enough for them. I thought they mainly hated gangster rap.

  • Mattey

    You know the rapper Dahye from BESTie is livid right now. Not only did Hyo steal her spot on Unpretty Rapstar, but as the late Queen Joan Rivers would say, “BITCH STOLE HER LOOK.”

    • Hiddensone


    • ♥ Hani is bae ♥

      Hyorin needs to stop showing off her forehead.

    • Hyoyeon: The White Babe

      well the Korean Mutya Buena slayed it first in 2013, singing “Oh Father Father” hahahahahaha!

      Seriously tho, love the song! It has a vintage tinge to it which I like.


      • snailsong

        lmao idols couldn’t get enough of these shorts in 2013 i can’t believe hyorin is bringing them back now -.-

    • Mattey


  • KingBeaArthur

    The song is fine, but I expected her to rap! Why else would they rush the song out before her debut on UR2, style her ‘hip-hop’, & then just have her sing?! Granted, they didn’t say she’d be rapping, but still..

  • Sunny

    good song. Its Azealia Banks-lite with some male testosterone thrown it (which i hate). This would have been better suited for a female rapper instead of two tools

    • well i’d agree, but aren’t most female k-rappers rite now under the curse of mainstream: they can only rap about how hot they are, how they’re the HBIC and how men are all short dick and weak compared to her? lol

  • Quingg

    Not trying to be rude because Hyolyn did rap on SiSTAR’s debut single “Push Push”, but does that make her a rapper forreal? Does that give her the chance to be on UPRS Season 2?

    She’s a powerhouse vocalist, it’s just a bit odd.

    • now, think like a producer: are you already seeing the amount of audience and web views the show will have?

  • i liked it more than i wanted to.

    but my favorite thing about all of this was the cute black puppy bear. that’s the thing i remember most about song, MV everything.