myB(londe) Makes One Of This Year's Best Girl Group Debuts With 'My Oh My'
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Why No Dani?
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While we’ve all been rightfully slayed by the debut of DSP Media’s APRIL, another girl group launched this week that’s just as worthy of our enthusiastic hyperbole: Maroo Entertainment’s myB.

I’ve had my eye on myB for a couple of weeks because there was a rumour that T-ara’s illegitimate child Dani would be part of the lineup (Maroo is a subsidiary of MBK Entertainment, as well as the home of 1PlasticSurgeon).

Unfortunately, Dani didn’t make the cut (“Help meeeee” she screams from Kim Kwang Soo’s dungeon), but myB’s so good that they don’t need the Divine D’s help anyway.

With all the overly pure and innocent groups debuting these days, myB’s energetic first single, “My Oh My,” feels fresh and exciting.

Produced by the infallible Duble Sidekick, “My Oh My” bounces between retro bubblegum pop and relentlessly cheerful Japanese idol pop. It’s got all the pep and spirit of a junior high cheerleading team, but myB’s vocals balance it out by being mostly soft and girly. “My Oh My” gives you just the right amount of vibrance before reaching E-Girls level overload.

The music video has myB looking like Red Velvet (or debut era B.A.P if you prefer), with matching blonde hair and sporty attire (pleated cheerleader skirts included). The girls get to wear sneakers, which allows for more relentless choreography than their heel-wearing contemporaries. They even served live vocals –in tune and everything– for their debut stage, which is increasingly rare these days.

Sadly I don’t see myB taking off, especially with all the bigger agencies launching new girl groups this year. However, they are talented and pretty enough to earn some sort of following. If they’e lucky, they’ll do better than labelmates 1PS, “My Oh My” will be their “Pit-a-Pat,” and they’ll become the next BESTie.