LIZ is some idiotic pop star from L.A. that got signed to Diplo’s Mad Decent label, probably through family connections or Instagram stalking, and has been trying to hit it big for the past few years.

She’s contrived and ridiculous enough to the point that she comes off like a parody (she calls herself ‘LIZ y2K’ for fuck’s sake), but from what I’ve seen she actually appears to be sadly serious about her nostalgia shtick. Think Bangerz era Miley and Animal era Kesha if they weren’t in on the joke and smarter than everybody else.

Journalist Katherine STD Assphat –who I think is a complete cunt ever since she and her wussy SJW clichéd cronies called me a racist for using the word “Engrish“– summed up LIZ much better than I ever could in a review last year. (Unlike me, Assphat is actually a real journalist with a proper education and the ability to use fancy words like ‘simulacra.’)

Now she makes teenpop simulacra — the kind that’s serious like Coke campaigns are serious, designed and micromanaged to come off simultaneously as trendy-alternative enough for tastemakers and mainstream-faithful enough to massage millennials’ memories of pop-R&B crossover, rebranded by Liz and label as “Y2K R&B pop.”

More so than usual, you can tell how everything, concept down to production twitches and fashion accessories, was “curated,” i.e. chosen specifically to play on nostalgia.

However, the most annoying thing about the Y2K chanteuse isn’t that she’s a FUBU-clad twat, but that her music is so good. Not all of it, but most of it, including her latest single (and best yet) “When I Rule The World.”

Hearing that LIZ had teamed up with blog fave SOPHIE for a PC Music pop track had me groaning, but even a cynical America-hating bastard like me can’t deny something this good.

“When I Rule The World” is everything that that pointless pretentious “Hey QT” project was supposed to be. Also, since LIZ sings it like Britney, I can’t help but wish it was a Britney single. Imagine Britney singing this, doing some weird parody of her former self.

At first I had a problem with the SOPHIE bandwagoning and the affected Baby Spice meets Mademoiselle Yulia concept of the music video. I like K-pop and J-pop because it’s openly manufactured, whereas everything Western needs to put on a fake air of authenticity. If LIZ was from Japan I’d accept her in a second, no questions asked, but knowing that she’s from L.A. completely changes the way I perceive her. Then I remembered that PC music is supposed to be ironic or something, turning LIZ into an irresistible punchline.

It’s meta like Stellar!

Now I’m considering officially stanning for LIZ. But, like, ironically. Duh.