I briefly touched upon the unfair outpouring of negativity that comes with every Girls’ Generation comeback in my Lion Heart review, so I wasn’t surprised when everybody initially overreacted about the somewhat underwhelming performance of the album’s singles on Melon.

I also didn’t join in with the chart bashing because so much of SNSD ‘flopping’ seemed out of context for a number of reasons.

1) “Party” was technically the first single from Lion Heart and it did quite well. Multi-single comebacks don’t really tend to yield spectacular results unless they’re from YG artists.

2) Neither “Lion Heart” or “You Think” were the typical SNSD title tracks we’ve come to expect from them, so it was clear that SM was trying to promote a body of work as opposed to just one individual hook song like they used to do. SNSD’s in their eighth year now, it was time to evolve and change their promotional strategies.

3) I figured “Lion Heart” would have some real longevity instead of being a one-week-wonder, and it turns out I was right.

Over the past week or so, “Lion Heart” has actually been rising up Melon’s real-time chart. It’s currently in the top ten, and is the highest-charting idol single on Melon right now: everything in front is from either Show Me The Money or Infinite Challenge.

It’s also slaying the music programs, winning first place on all six of the main shows.

How embarrassing for all the fools who lost their shit on Twitter the other week saying that Girls’ Generation’s career was over… LOL.

hyoyeon lion heart gif