I briefly touched upon the unfair outpouring of negativity that comes with every Girls’ Generation comeback in my Lion Heart review, so I wasn’t surprised when everybody initially overreacted about the somewhat underwhelming performance of the album’s singles on Melon.

I also didn’t join in with the chart bashing because so much of SNSD ‘flopping’ seemed out of context for a number of reasons.

1) “Party” was technically the first single from Lion Heart and it did quite well. Multi-single comebacks don’t really tend to yield spectacular results unless they’re from YG artists.

2) Neither “Lion Heart” or “You Think” were the typical SNSD title tracks we’ve come to expect from them, so it was clear that SM was trying to promote a body of work as opposed to just one individual hook song like they used to do. SNSD’s in their eighth year now, it was time to evolve and change their promotional strategies.

3) I figured “Lion Heart” would have some real longevity instead of being a one-week-wonder, and it turns out I was right.

Over the past week or so, “Lion Heart” has actually been rising up Melon’s real-time chart. It’s currently in the top ten, and is the highest-charting idol single on Melon right now: everything in front is from either Show Me The Money or Infinite Challenge.

It’s also slaying the music programs, winning first place on all six of the main shows.

How embarrassing for all the fools who lost their shit on Twitter the other week saying that Girls’ Generation’s career was over… LOL.

hyoyeon lion heart gif

  • KingBeaArthur

    “Lion Heart” has become one of my favorite promo tracks from SNSD since it dropped! It’s sad to see people turn their backs so swiftly just because something doesn’t instantly snatch the #1 position or win on a music show (“I Feel You”).

    • people are lazy. deep down few really cares about the music. everyone’s always complaining k-pop is all about shallow promotions and sales, now LH is one of the most consistent and best produced k-pop albums and people are still caught up in wether the lead single will hit or flop. it’s just for the sake of being an anti and never admiting it.

  • I hated Lion Heart when I first heard it, but I must say it’s grown on me!

  • Johnnyyy

    Lion Heart is great, though the weird leg thing they do still creeps me out. And I still think Green Light should’ve been the (second) lead single.. its so catchy.

  • Hyoyeon: The White Babe

    It has been the plan of evil queen Hyoyeon (see gif) all along – lure these pea-brained knetz that Lion Heart is flopping then surprise2x bitch – it’s not!!

    Soon after these variety show songs fade away, everyone will be dancing in groups spreading their legs, dancing with their claws and rotating like they’re helicopter roters! In Queen Hyoyeon We Trust!!!

  • Marshmellow

    I don’t understand why Lionheart is #4 on the Gaon digital chart and You Think is at 30. Why is You Think doing alot worse?

    • ♥ Hani is bae ♥

      Less promos and Lion Heart appeals more to the public.

    • Mattey

      Lion Heart was also released earlier than You Think. Plus it’s more mature and less repetitive than You Think.

    • Erepyon

      You Think is not really that appealed for Korean listeners. The sound of it is more westernized. Most of the people who like You Think are from international fans.

  • “How embarrassing for all the fools who lost their shit on Twitter the other week saying that Girls’ Generation’s career was over… LOL”

    KAKAKAKAKA i want naaaaaaaaaaaaaaames! lol

  • i’m really glad to read this because “lion heart” is one of the best produced albums of the year. its nostalgia is consistent on both parts of the album: the classic 50s-esque pop led by “lion heart” and the pop-fied R&B from the early 2000’s, led by “you think”.

    of course most people won’t pay attention to this, since most people don’t actually care about music, only how pretty everyone looks or how much louder they can scream their own voices. what irks me is that k-pop doesn’t have a decent music journalism and criticism, expect for bloggers and well… most of them can’t barely write an interesting text let alone have a decently grounded opinion.

  • anya

    brb feeding my cats with these haters

  • Quang Phạm

    I was totally unimpressed with it at first but the song has finally grown on me. It has unexpectedly become my most favorite SNSD’s song ever.

    Yes. I’m not falling in love or whatnot but there’s a calm yet fun feeling I have whenever I listen to it.

  • Justeen

    Lol, bring these facts over to the people at NB and they’ll swear up and down that you’re just a delusional SONE who can’t handle the fact that their unnies aren’t performing on the charts as well as they used to: “Who cares, they still flopped compared to groups like Sistar!!!” or whatever the fuck. They live for that shit….

    • Erepyon

      And now with Lion Heart had won 14 trophies (the same amount as the trophies for Gee, their most successful single), what else will they say?
      Oh, I know what they will say : “They only win because of their fandom” or “Of course they win, because they only compete with rookies”. It’s just bitchin after bitchin.

  • Lion Heart is my favorite single from SNSD since IGAB. Party and You Think can be grating at times, while Lion Heart is forever a chilled glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day.

  • leesigh3

    I will be interested to see where it ends up on the year end charts. It only sold like 165k in its first week so it will need some of that longevity you mention.

    I think the fact that you even need to write an article like this – that snsd’s success isn’t immediately apparent to all – kind of already proves that their career is on the decline. They’ve taken weaker songs to way high sales figures. But the decline is that they’re “just” one of the top groups instead of the clear #1.

    Finally, “You Think” is #68 on melon right now. You should write a defense article for that too because it really needs some love.

    • I already shaded You Think in my post about their comeback. It’s the weakest single of the three so I’m not surprised it’s flopped. Party is already a hit, and Lion Heart is doing really well, it’s the only idol single in the top ten of Melon. Not EVERYTHING is going to be a massive No. 1 hit.

      • leesigh3

        Do you think the longevity sales for Lion Heart will make it pass the instant all-kill sales for PARTY?

        • Not sure, but overall it’ll finish as a very successful era. Two hit singles, big album sales, and positive reception from the public.

          • ㅅㄴㅅㄷ♡

            Agree. It’s been so long since they had a comeback with a “positive reception from the public.” From The Boys era to Mr Mr, knetz had beenharsh on SNSD.

          • Erepyon

            And it is… Lion Heart now has win 14 trophies so far. They even won in the last Music Bank and Music Core eventhough their promotion is already over. Lion Heart now has the same amount of trophies as Gee, their most successful single. So yeah… It finishes as another successful era.

  • Mattey

    I’m not sure if SM is buying back albums or not, but LH and YT were pretty good and I’m glad ol’ GG is mixing things up. It’s a nice change.

  • Mariana Ferreyra


  • Marhaebwa

    Queen Hyo dismissing hoes.