HyunA Hits a Wall With Beige 'Red' Retread 'Roll Deep'
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It took me a second to warm up to HyunA‘s “Red” last year, but it clicked once I soaked in the sick music video and live performances. “Red” clearly wasn’t the pop anthem that “Bubble Pop!” was, but it was exciting to see the baddest female (now that CL has vacated the throne for the bright lights of America) asserting her brand with a manic hip-hop song with a chorus that consisted of repeating her own name over and over.

The problem is, you can only get away with something like that once.

HyunA’s new single, “It’s Because I’m The Best” (which bears the embarrassing English title “Roll Deep”), is the weak retread of “Red” that nobody needed or wanted.

“Roll Deep” is clearly a response to the success of both “Red” and 4minute’s “Crazy” (it shares the same producers as those two singles) as well as the popularity of Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar‘s commercial hip-pop hits.

Seo Jaewoo and Big Sancho‘s production is solid albeit predicable electro rap with all the expected bells and whistles, but why even bother if they can’t do something close to the incredible “Crazy”? It’s one step forward, two steps back.

It’s not terrible (it’s actually quite catchy in a banal Billboard rap chart kind of way), it just sounds more like the b-side you perform as part of your double comeback stage–basically GUHARA’s “How About Me?,” except that HyunA’s missing her “Choco Chip Cookies.” (Yes, I am well aware that I’m one of the few people that appreciates the brilliance of “Choco Chip Cookies.”)

Lyrically, “Red” worked so well because it was so nonsensical and fun. “Roll Deep” is the opposite–it’s literal and boring. HyunA raps about her “swag.” HyunA raps about people wanting to touch her. HyunA raps about her haters, and how everybody is jealous of her, and how she’s so pretty and “dope.”

On top of that, the music video features TWERKING for Christ’s sake. Twerking felt old-hat when Wa$$up debuted two years ago, so at this point even saying the word out loud makes you look as corny as a Caucasian morning show host.

Even the neon-soaked sleaze and Miley-meets-Kylie-Jenner fashion of the music video can’t save “Roll Deep,” nor can the impeccably fierce live performances. If anything, it just adds to the frustration of this comeback because HyunA’s clearly one of the most charismatic and visually appealing pop stars in the world right now, so why is she twerking to mediocre hip-pop like a bad parody of herself? HyunA’s turned into a caricature of HyunA.

HyunA’s literally got everything that it takes to be the best. All she needs now is for Cube Entertainment to give her a good song. Preferably one that doesn’t involve “twerking,” “swag,” or “rolling deep.”

  • ♥ Hani is bae ♥

    what happened to her face

    and she looks super grimy these days

    • Mattey

      CUBE spent the good quality makeup budget on that dominatrix whip she had. She should be allowed to bring it on stage to make this comeback iconic.

  • KingBeaArthur

    The song is meh, but what’s worse is she seems over this era already. And I’m sorry but Ilhoon needs to go enjoy his seat with the rest of BTOB.

  • Marshmellow

    the fact that CUBE is still trying with BTOB makes me dislike this more, they could have at least put that sassy rapper from CLC on this

    • Nana’s Disco Stick

      nah, that rappers too young to join this ratched heap… but ilhoon looks fine in this tho. and i usually find him…. revolting

  • Nicole Naeun

    I like this good enough lol, I never expected her to come out with something iconic and glorious like Change or Bubble Pop, so I’m pretty satisfied for this being catchy.
    And I love her channeling Miley, but agreed on all your points!

  • Quang Phạm

    I seriously thought this was the first part of double comeback stage when I first watched her Mcountdown performance.

    The song is catchy but I agree it’s unnecessary and unfitting for a title track.

  • Maybe the beauty of the music video still has me in a daze, but I am digging this comeback. She is so charismatic that it does not come off as try hard. Yes, it’s years behind the trend (when is kpop not), but she pulls it off better than most of the white pop princesses of the west. Anyway, this comeback shouldn’t last long, since we are getting more 4minute soon.

    Plus, 10/10 would watch a movie where Hyuna & Ilhoon are an iljin sibling duo causing trouble on one hot summer’s day.

  • My takeaway: Choco Chip Cookies is legit.

    • Nana’s Disco Stick

      i’ve been holding off my judgment til this comeback arrives but yeah. Hara is now a legit soloist

  • Mattey

    The MV almost made me cry. Other than the outdated twerking, did you not see all the fetishes she covered? It reminds me how back in Nov.-Jan where Hello Venus tried covering as many fetishes as humanly possible. Except Hyuna went more explicit, dominatrix, sexy sailor schoolgirl, the Britney pigtails, then cut to the Rihanna style, and then the Miley reference; it was a glorious attempt of emulating every man’s fantasy.
    Song wasn’t too bad once you realize it’s one of the best raps she’s done. Her flow wasn’t too bad, but lyrics were typical. Although I fully support the her self-declaration of being the Queen, but she needed to cut out the whole “swag” thing back with Ice Cream. 8 pussy pops out of 10 for this one.

    • Nana’s Disco Stick

      thats the thing. Hyuna tried to pull off a HV with all the fetish innuendos (or should a say display because it wasn’t that subtle). but HV had six ladies to push the borders and Hyuna is an army of one.

      i guess she got too much to handle that it went awry?

      • Mattey

        Yes, Hyuna is quite the sexy army all be herself. The thing with HV is that they just went sexy, so it seemed try hard with them pulling all the stops out right out the gate (and were flawless contrary to poopular belief) meanwhile Hyuna is a sex symbol so it looks natural when she did it. Although she looks like she’s going after GD’s heart (not that I blame her, they’d be soooo rich, jk jk, but seriously) now that Kiko’s temporarily out of the way.

  • MolkangMolkang

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I just don’t like the whole execution, it’s all combined to be a mess. I absolutely loved Red so I’m not someone who shuns a song for being provocative. This time around it’s just not what I want and what you’ve said is why I don’t like it.

  • Riley Biers

    I’m watching her performances on mute just to see them titties bounce

  • snailsong

    maybe i’ve wandered into uncritical stan territory but i love it! I don’t really see the similarities with red at all, which was much more upbeat and joyous than this is (it is frustrating that they couldn’t just pick a title tho because now i don’t know what to call it)

    i do resent the addition of ilhoon because honestly it’s hyuna’s title and she doesn’t need the help – if anything she should be doing rap features on btob songs

    but i think hyuna’s confidence (in the face of all the shit she has to deal with) is what people like to see – so one more song about how great she is can’t hurt. Also i melted at ‘baby i’m bad all day’ bit so who i’m not really a rational judge at this point lmao

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    a big letdown from Red tbh. alright bishes hand-over the crown to Hara for winning the comeback of the Hs in Kpap… choco chip cookie >> into you >>>>>>>>>>> rolling in the deep

    i still howl the “a monkey’s butt is red…” every now and then – Hyuna, why let us down?


  • Meh.
    I don’t know if it’s bad make up or bad plastic surgery but she looks so off here.

  • ta3woon

    Another thing i like about the song is that line “i’m a god girl” which is a hilarious literal mis-translation of “goddess”

    • UsaUsa

      “Sorry I’m a dope girl”

  • UncleFan

    The questionable makeup ruined this comeback. The song is growing on me, though…

  • Andrew Rod

    The first thing that popped in my head when I heard the song was Iggy Azalea and for the music video also the same adding some Miley Cyrus things to it, this is as American as HyunA can get, at first I was like wtf? when I heard the song and see the video I didn’t like it at all, but after some spins I actually enjoy some of it, I mean it’s a cute song but it’s not as good as “Crazy” or “Red” and it doesn’t even come close to them, but besides the bridge breakdown the rest of the song have actually an enjoyable structure, by the way the album doesn’t do any better either, is not her worst comeback but it’s not top 3 at all.