I always thought that Girls’ Generation got a bum rap from K-pop fans for their performance skills. Sure, for a while they were all legs and little talent, but by the time “The Boys” rolled around the Divine Nine were serving strong synchronized choreography and live vocals like the true queens that they are.

However, things did admittedly take a turn for the worst last year during “Mr.Mr,” where the girls looked both sloppy and unprepared trying to execute the song’s confusing routine (in their defense, that entire era was botched and rushed).

Now they’re back in excellent form for their current Lion Heart era, which has actually been great ever since their super fun “Party” stages.

You can tell just from watching their stages that extra effort was put into their choreography and that they practised for longer to prove that they’ve still got it now that Jessica’s left the building.

“You Think” has SNSD dancing harder than ever before, while the “Lion Heart” stages are more beautiful than D.O.’s lips and Changmin’s abs combined. They also delivered a stunning performance of “Show Girls” on Music Core with a vintage Parisian concept and flapper choreography.

Despite the fact that Sunny occasionally looks stiffer than my dick after watching a Yunho or Rain MV, I’m still getting everything and more from Lion Heart.

I was pretty obsessed with both the Mr.Mr. and I Got a Boy eras, but Lion Heart might have just overtaken them as my favourite Soshi era since Oh!.

Music Bank

[You Think] / [Lion Heart]

Music Core

[Show Girls] / [You Think] / [Lion Heart]


[You Think] / [Lion Heart]

Show Champion

[Lion Heart]

M! Countdown

[Lion Heart]

  • Mattey

    “Despite the fact that Sunny occasionally looks stiffer than my dick after watching a Yunho or Rain MV, I’m still getting everything and more from Lion Heart.”
    i’m not sure what is more iconic: This line above or Yoona’s 3 “We are the show gurrrrssss”.
    Their stages are fucking flawless. Like, all groups must be scratching their bald heads because SNSD just stole EVERYONE’s WIGS.
    South Korea is now the most bald country in the world.

  • Alex

    Yoona not being forced to the front and center, Seohyun throwing her virginal maknae status to the wind, Hyoyeon slaying her “You Think” rap, Sooyoung’s “wot, wot, wot,” Sunny’s frozen frog face…I am slayed by this whole comeback. And let’s not overlook their encore stage with only half the members present. Iconic.

  • Sunny just CANT do the Lion claw dance in Lion Heart

    It looks really weird

    Holy crap though, that crab dance move ACTUALLY WORKS?! *shock horror*

  • Hiddensone

    Still pressed they promoted Show Girls when Bump It and Green Light are certified bops

  • walter

    overall i’m satisfied but fire alarm should’ve been a single instead of you think i think the fire extinguisher concept would fit them so well
    couldn’t help but notice park bom’s cameo (guess which one), snsd is so kind

  • Hyoyeon: The White Babe

    I think I am the only one who loves Show Girls as a song. The Broadway realness is giving me life and now that they coupled it with flapper outfits, a dramatic choreo and an amazing stage that can rival Inkigayo’s, I love it even more!!!

    Apparently, Undead Sunny has a knee injury that’s why they say that she’s not doing that well in terms of performance. But a little showmanship wouldn’t hurt right? She’s really dragging the energy down especially that Lion Heart has a very cute choreo (love that rotating move where it ends up having the next performer in the middle) and You Think needs some SHY-level sass for it to work (Thankfully, Seopussy listened to her Hyo unnie on how to bring it)

    • I love it too <3

    • is there someone who doesn’t like “show girls”?

      bitch please! baz luhrmann is desperate to remake moulin rouge only to include on the soundtrack!

      • Hyoyeon: The White Babe

        comments on that YT vid for the performance are reminiscent of the time when they dropped IGAB lol

  • Quingg

    I love SNSD and I love Tiffany (she’s my bias), but she cannot dance for shit and it sickens me that SM makes them dance so hard knowing damn well only Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Yuri can really keep up.

    Jessica even made me sicker because she didn’t even try lmao. I do agree their comeback stages are flawless, it’s just the hip-hop dancing has to stop

    • well… on the other hand yoona sooyoung hyoyeon (my bias) and yuri can’t sing for shit… so the world is ballanced, peace restored and life is beautiful lol

  • Riley Biers

    taeyeon looks SO FUCKING GOOD this era. new visual tbh


    also their sales have been shit so I suggest BoA comes in as the 9th member replacement to revitalize both of their dead careers

    • she does look amazing. but i think she’s looked better on LH’s visual than YT… seohyun and tippany are the queens of YT. i hate belt singing, but their YOU THIIIIIIINKs from the chorus are beyond perfection!

      sooo… u say their sells are crappy… you mean overall or in SNSD standards?

      • oneclearnight

        digitally they’re flopping (by snsd standards), you think barely charted and lion heart is hovering in the top 20. i guess if lion heart shows some longevity on the charts we could say it did ok??? but def the worst they’ve ever done digitally. physically they’re still as strong as ever tho.

        • png

          If it’s any comfort to SNSD fans, going up against SMTM/Infinity Challenge is incredibly difficult and hanging on in Top 20 is still pretty good. Obviously not an SNSD reigns over all situation, but I think Lion Heart is doing fine (for now)
          Side note: G-Friend is doing incredibly well, still charting right in the middle of the other girl group summer hits. MAMAMOO, AOA, SISTAR.

          • me gustas tu died so quickly on me…. but so did glass bead, so i guess i just don’t care that much about g-friend besides the initial fuss and excitment upon release

        • james edward

          Plus there may also be slight fatigue being that they did release “Party” at the top of summer and CMIYC in June

      • Marhaebwa

        Seohyun is the fucking empress of YT. Those splits into a crawl… WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE MAKNAE???

  • snailsong

    i’m hoping rn that jessica leaving is gonna do for snsd what jyj leaving did for tvxq, that is, they’ll push themselves to prove that they’ve still got it – more than they would have had nothing happened. Same goes w getting bigger budgets and tighter concepts.

    Also i’m giving sunny a pass on her atrocious performances of late – apparently she’s really hurt herself and we all know that k-stars go heavy with the pain medication so i think it’s impressive that she’s even awake at this point~

    • it’s impressive their hearts haven’t exploded yet. i mean, painkillers make you doze off then they surely take stronger stimulants than coffee to keep up with schedule.

      • snailsong

        #pray4sunny2k15 tbh

    • Mattey

      Watch how Jessica will be signing with C-JeS Entertainment now. It already has half her name in the title anyways.

  • IDK, they came out of the gates pretty strong with Into the New World. (There are advantages to practicing the same song for months on end.)

    I actually think SNSD’s casual approach to performances — especially during concerts — can be a strength. They really seem to be having fun on stage, and that makes them more fun to watch. Laughing at mistakes, ad libbing, and messing with each other adds to that vibe.

  • james edward

    These girls continually show why they r the KWEENS

  • james edward

    AND I LOVE HYOYEON! Girl has always been the main harmonizer in this group but her solos are also popping.

  • hyerinpotato

    still pressed that they decided to promote shit girls instead of god light