I always thought that Girls’ Generation got a bum rap from K-pop fans for their performance skills. Sure, for a while they were all legs and little talent, but by the time “The Boys” rolled around the Divine Nine were serving strong synchronized choreography and live vocals like the true queens that they are.

However, things did admittedly take a turn for the worst last year during “Mr.Mr,” where the girls looked both sloppy and unprepared trying to execute the song’s confusing routine (in their defense, that entire era was botched and rushed).

Now they’re back in excellent form for their current Lion Heart era, which has actually been great ever since their super fun “Party” stages.

You can tell just from watching their stages that extra effort was put into their choreography and that they practised for longer to prove that they’ve still got it now that Jessica’s left the building.

“You Think” has SNSD dancing harder than ever before, while the “Lion Heart” stages are more beautiful than D.O.’s lips and Changmin’s abs combined. They also delivered a stunning performance of “Show Girls” on Music Core with a vintage Parisian concept and flapper choreography.

Despite the fact that Sunny occasionally looks stiffer than my dick after watching a Yunho or Rain MV, I’m still getting everything and more from Lion Heart.

I was pretty obsessed with both the Mr.Mr. and I Got a Boy eras, but Lion Heart might have just overtaken them as my favourite Soshi era since Oh!.

Music Bank

[You Think] / [Lion Heart]

Music Core

[Show Girls] / [You Think] / [Lion Heart]


[You Think] / [Lion Heart]

Show Champion

[Lion Heart]

M! Countdown

[Lion Heart]