The cast for season 2 of Mnet’s hip-hop reality show Unpretty Rapstar was unveiled last night, and it’s pretty amazing if you’re into female idols.

Sistar‘s Hyorin and Wonder Girls Yubin are two A-list idols that made the cut, but also included in the lineup is Fiestar‘s Yezi.

fiestar yezi gif

Truthfully, I always thought Yezi was really bad from listening to Fiestar’s flawless flops (It don’t matter if ya don’t like me!), but I’m confident that she’ll surprise everybody. After all, every idol in the biz would’ve applied for this, so there’s no reason the producers would pick a nobody like Yezi if she didn’t have some real skills.

Considering the way Unpretty Rapstar‘s first season turned almost its entire cast into overnight stars, I’m hoping that season two can do the same. MBC’s Secret Weapon with Jei already tanked (how is that iconic show being ignored by the public and receiving zero media attention?), so I’m pinning all my hopes and dreams on Unpretty Rapstar.

I’m also expecting that Queen of Pop Hyorin will slay us by unleashing her hidden rap talent (is there anything she can’t do?), while Yubin will serve us hip-hop drummer realness like the female Travis Barker.

The rest of the cast consists of Kasper from Play The Siren, Show Me The Money‘s Ahn Soo Min, and last but not least, singer-rapper Gilme, who most K-pop fans will already know because she’s been releasing music for so long to some success.

Now let’s all join hands in a prayer circle and ask the good lord above to finally make Fiestar famous.

Sidenote: How the fuck was Secret’s Hana Zinger Burger not cast in this? She almost needs the break more than Yezi does.