After spending a year or two trying to crack the boring basic States for some reason (why even bother?), Crystal Kay has officially returned to J-pop.

Well, her big return was actually a few months ago with some safe OST single, but I’m pretending that “Revolution” –Crystal’s blistering EDM duet with J-pop’s Queen Bee Namie Amuro— is her official comeback track.

I can see why Namie was featured on “Revolution” because it sounds almost exactly like her own forays into electro club-pop and dubstep, just with better English enunciation.

These songs are often so generic by nature that they can easily be terrible to anyone with good taste, but “Revolution” isn’t like that. It’s urgent and exhilarating, and while I’d normally roll my eyes at a pop song with a chorus like “Let’s start a revolution!,” Crystal sings it with so much conviction that I believe it.

I can’t lie, this is much better than Namie’s Jolin Tsai collab.

Take a listen to a radio rip below.

namie crystal kay revolution

[Via Arama Japan]

  • Johnnyyy

    Bow down to queen Namie. She’s over a decade older than Crystal and looks like her baby sister <3

    • Aviator

      I am convinced they gave her a shorter dress so that she wouldn’t outshine CK.

  • Marhaebwa

    Slap Crystal Slay on a generic EDM beat and it suddenly evolves. Power of CK.
    Shame it’ll flop – it genuinely hurts me to say this as a stan of hers, but no-one is checking for her anymore :( :( She peaked with “All Yours”.

    That said, Namie’s featuring could help things along…

    • p。

      Her last single cracked the Top 30 and spent 6 weeks on the physical charts (which is pretty good if you consider the fact that most of her previous singles didn’t even make it into the Top 100 on Oricon) and did well digitally too because it was an OST for a drama
      This single is bound to do well simply because Namie is on the track. It did wonders for Ken Hirai too (Grotesque was his best-selling single since 2009)

  • ChuLipso

    Namie looks awful in that official cover(?), whoever green lit that hates Namie’s guts.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I like this, but Namie on that cover…