B1A4 Makes Their Best Comeback In Years With 'Sweet Girl'
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When I looked back at B1A4‘s discography this week I realized what a strong run of great pop singles they’ve had. Their bubblegum-y, sometimes campy style isn’t for everybody (they’re like a mix of A Pink at their loveliest and Dal Shabet at their tackiest), but their songs usually hook me and chart well to boot.

I don’t think they’ve ever had a ‘bad’ comeback, but from “What’s Happening?” onwards nothing was spectacular enough to stand out against the competition and I temporarily forgot about the boys and gravitated towards the likes of GOT7, Boys Republic, and Block B.

Now I’m fully back on board their new single, “Sweet Girl,” a delicious disco track produced by the group’s impossibly charming leader, Jinyoung.

“Sweet Girl” stands out both for being a drastic departure from B1A4’s usual candy-coated pop-rock and also for its simplicity.

SM Entertainment has churned out a few wonderfully rich disco-tinged tracks this year, but “Sweet Girl” feels more authentically retro because it doesn’t try to do too much like these darn newfangled modern songs do.

Not that I’m against busy disco tracks at all (Yunho’s “Champagne” is one of my current favourites), but “Sweet Girl” is so elegant and earnest. There’s some nice little touches too, like the electric guitar solo that boosts the song’s sugar content by sounding more like an anime OST than the slick vintage riffs of Bruno Mars or Nile Rogers.

This is by far the best B1A4 comeback since 2013’s “Tried To Walk.” Hopefully it’s the start of a new direction for the band that will kick off another string of irresistible singles.

  • Grant Williams

    Jinyoung, Gongchan, and Baro are too cute! While it doesn’t touch Tried to walk, or their aegyo stuff like Beautiful Target and Baby Good Night, I liked this better than Solo Day. I’ll need time to see how it stacks up to Lonely.

  • jinyoung is like twinky lee joon i love it

  • Kris

    Why is Baro giving me Youngguk, Min and Taeyang in this video?

  • KingBeaArthur

    “Solo Day” is probably their only ‘bad’ comeback. It’s cute and has a “in your car after work, driving to a bar” appeal, but is their weakest single overall imo – I do like the mv though.

    Jinyoung isn’t human! I always feel like I’m dying when he looks directly at the camera…like he’s eating my soul. [echoing your post] the mood is sweet without being saccharine; retro without feeling like they’re trend hopping [as an OG BANA, seeing them grow as a group has been an interesting ride], coupled with their delivery and the impossibly gorgeous mv, makes “Sweet Girl” a winner of a comeback.

    Also: that guitar solo is amazing, and caught me off guard my first listen!

  • roelm

    “There’s some nice little touches too, like the electric guitar solo that boosts the song’s sugar content by sounding more like an anime OST than the slick vintage riffs of Bruno Mars or Nile Rogers.”

    I think the guitar solo has a disco precedent in songs like Donna Summer’s “Hot

    Stuff”. Listen to the guitar starting at 2:23.


  • roelm

    Their album seems to be performing quite well. And they’ve reached number 2 on Music Bank. I’ve long wanted a revival of 70s sweet soul and this seems to be the song currently closest to that genre reminiscent of both that and songs like Stephanie Mill’s “Never Knew Love Like This Before”.