B.A.P is one of my favourite boy bands, but I haven’t really been keeping up with their lawsuit drama with TS Entertainment. At least, I haven’t since it was initially filed last November and reports of TSE’s terrible (but not particularly surprising) treatment of B.A.P surfaced.

Earlier today, TS announced via their Facebook page that the contract dispute has finally been resolved, and even promised to “continue to create a better environment for all of our artists.”

My initial reaction was “OMG!” but then once the shock wore off I realized just how unsurprising this news actually is.

An entertainment agency is always going to do what’s in its best interests, and right now TS had no choice but to fix things with B.A.P or risk sliding further into irrelevancy and debt.

So far, their new girl group SONAMOO has been a complete failure (I stan them, but I understand why they’ve flopped), while their veteran group SECRET has seen a big decline in popularity over the past year or two. Not only are SECRET’s songs charting lower and lower with each comeback, but Hyosung’s last solo single under-performed too. There’s also rumours of discord between Actress Sunhwa (please address the future Golden Bell winner as such from now on) and the other members.

sunhwa gif

Right now TS is probably only earning money from Hyosung and Actress Sunhwa, and that’s hardly enough to keep a major agency afloat.

B.A.P is currently TSE’s only chance at turning a big profit right now, so they need B.A.P more than they need to hold onto their pride or shitty one-sided contracts.

B.A.P also needed to resolve the dispute so they could actually START WORKING AGAIN. Idol fame goes fast and the boys have already been unemployed for a year. They had to fix things just as much as TS did.

Now I’m just hoping that B.A.P –who hopefully have higher public recognition now thanks to the media attention generation by the lawsuit– can pull a Block B and return bigger than ever. (Block B had a similar lawsuit, which they actually lost, on top of a number of scandals, and they were still able to make a successful comeback off the strength of their talent and good music.)

Hwaiting to B.A.P, my baby daddy Yongguk, and Actress Sunhwa!

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