APRIL's 'Dream Candy' Marks Yet Another Flawless Girl Group From DSP Media
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From Fin.K.L to KARA, Rainbow, and the ill-fated but legendary (in my heart) Puretty, I haven’t met a DSP Media girl group that I didn’t love.

The label’s latest group, APRIL, had already won me over from the first confirmation of their very existence (the lineup featuring Hara’s evil twin from both The KARA Project and Puretty certainly helped matters), but now that they’ve actually debuted I’m glad that my premature stanning wasn’t misplaced.

The writers and composers for APRIL’s irresistible debut single, “Dream Candy,” are a little vague. 1theK says it’s the work of ButterFly, a new production team under hitmaker Hwang Seong-je, whose credits not only include DSP’s own SS501, but also early Girls’ Generation tracks like “Baby Baby” and “Etude.”

You can hear the connection between “Dream Candy” and Hwang Seong-je’s previous work instantly. The fairtytale-themed song is built around a simplistic house beat punctuated by strings and bells; it’s the kind of sound that went out with early noughties acts like ShinVi, but sporadically reappears on girly SNSD b-sides or cutsie z-list rookie singles.

Like the song, the music video is equal parts romantic fable and pop nostalgia. It’s filled with unicorns, dewy meadows, and a sun-dappled forest, while hazy, white closeups of the girls recall old-school girl group MVs from Sugar, S.E.S., Fin.K.L, and M.I.L.K.

Speaking of milk, at one point APRIL are dressed up as milkmaids, which most K-pop fans should recognize as a swipe from Orange Caramel’s own fairytale-themed music video for their best single ever, “A-ing.”

I’m not sure if APRIL is going to break DSP’s curse of having all their post-KARA groups flop, but so far “Dream Candy” is performing surprisingly well on Melon’s real-time chart. Perhaps Puretty died so APRIL could live?

R.I.P. Puretty.

Anyway, it looks like I’ve just found myself yet another generic innocent throwback girl group to be obsessed with. I’ll throw APRIL on the pile with Lovelyz, G-Friend, CLC, and the fifty others that are going to debut before the year is through.

P.S. Be sure to check out APRIL’s flaw-free mini-album, Dreaming.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Excellent debut! I’m already in love~

  • SKS

    I disliked A Pink’s debut and I cannot stand G-Friend for reasons, but I’m liking this song a lot.

    What is wrong with me.

    Also, it appears to be the best debut song for a DSP girl group….

  • T-rollypoly

    The whole mini album is KILLER you guys. Why do all these rookie girl groups keeps on slaying me? I couldn’t stan all of them you know.

    • This has been a great year for rookie girl groups.

    • William Love

      i’ve said it before and i’ve said it again, DSP delivers some of the best album cuts in k-pop. for once they didn’t pick the completely wrong song as the a-side so i’m happy about that haha

  • ChuLipso

    totally here for that girl that already looks like geummi from crayon pop and that midget that I thought was completely useless and boring in Baby Kara

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    First of all DAMN too many girl groups debuting with innocent concept this year. But I really LOVE this one song and the group looks lovely to me. So happy that the amazing Puretty get to live through these bitches!

    A side note: I love that N White song you linked but couldn’t help but notice they used the same exact set Girl’s Day used 3 years ago for “Don’t Forget Me” MV. I leave the comparisons here!

  • Leonardo Henrique

    OH MY GOD, WURKKKK! Loved the song
    and i loved the fact that the group is basically made of six Hara knockoffs
    Living for the koreans geneticists

  • JustJam

    Doesn’t the milk-maid outfits remind you of Maria VonTrapp from The Sound of Music? Clever concept thereP. Gosh I can’t stop stanning for Chaewon and Somin here btw that one girl that looks like Bomi from A-Pink really stands out.

  • Mattey

    Hooray for rookies that aren’t disappointing!

    Also Arcadey, one of the most tragic member leaving news has hit us… No not Tao nullifying his contract, who cares about that bitch?

    I’m talking about Chaness! That LPG sub unit with the rapey concept! Slayness lost a member, I’m not sure which one since I never bothered to learn their names. See this. They were 5, but now they’re 4 (like another girl group I know… cough f(x) cough.)


    Also, watch the brunette bimbo trip over herself throughout the song lol

    • Speaking of Godness, did you know that LPG made a comeback (with Chaness members included)? I meant to post it but I’ve been busy/lazy/forgot.

      • Mattey

        I didn’t even know they made a comeback. It’s probably not even that good (it most likely flopped, who am I kidding it did and I don’t need to check), but yesssss time for my favorite Miss Korea Rejects to make their badass comeback. Or time has already passed… Whoops.

  • jizabel

    YASSS @ the PURETTY praise! Cheki Love has aged spectacularly and is one of the single greatest pop songs of this decade, period. HRH Somin is on her own level…a Hara that can actually sing?! G O D D E S S I am sad that Chaekyung and Shiyoon didn’t make it…they were adorable. Well, Chaekyung was, but Shiyoon was pretty enough. I’m going to keep an eye on Naeun, she’s gorgeous in a Jaekyung Jr. type way. The song itself isn’t slaying me rn, but I’m sure I’ll come around.

    I await your write-up for myB’s debut track, AKA the best debut song of 2015 so far:


  • capselectricboy

    The whole mini is absolute slayage oh my god Thriller is a certified Jam. DSP is pretty much starting to try with this group and I can see them becoming big.
    Props on Jinsol’s amazing voice, when I first watched the MV and heard Jinsol, I just thought they put a cute member to do her voice but damn girl has some killer pipes.
    Also praying that NaEun can follow the steps of her same named Apink sister and be so useless it’s almost hard to not stan her.
    Somin and Chaewon are so amazing as well, Chaewon’s bridge and Somin’s voice just destroy me. Not sure how Yena sounds because I don’t remember seeing her sing but Hyunjoo is so cute <3

    Legit stanning the fuck out of them! I just wish that Chaekyung and Shiyoon were part of this. I had no idea Chaekyung was going to leave, I thought that her and her BFF Somin would debut together again but guess that was a no.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Loving the song so much! The lyrics are pure innocence~
    I just wish the debut stage was more energetic a la GFriend, they’d be perfect!