2EYES Returns With Upgraded Visuals And Ridiculous New Single 'PIPPI'
I like Their Red Hair...
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I was never a huge fan of 2EYES, but I did really like their first single, 2013’s “Don’t Mess With Me.” I was also fascinated by how such a low budget nothing of a group was able to land a recurring role on SNL Korea, and then later appear on MBC’s Secret Weapon Her after two years of total irrelevancy.

The girls returned today, minus their least attractive member but with a much bigger budget than before. Their new single, “PIPPI,” was produced by Duble Sidekick, and its accompanying music video is a glossy, professional effort–unlike their first MV, which looked like it was shot on a discontinued cell phone in the murder house from Na Hong-jin’s The Chaser.

Once “PIPPI” hit the 53-seconds mark I knew straight away that it was a Duble Sidekick production without even having to check the credits. DS probably cooked it up early last year and shopped it to BESTie, who promptly turned it down because their music is actually good and they wouldn’t be caught dead doing a Pippi Longstocking concept.

Actually, scratch that: BESTie would do a Pippi Longstocking concept, they’d just channel the modern Pippi, who is now a porn star and topless songstress.

At the end of the day, “PIPPI” works best as a novelty, so enjoying this comeback will mostly depend on how deep you go with your ironic stanning. You’ll either hate it for being stupid and annoying, or love it for being a ridiculous, somewhat catchy BESTie throwaway.

Personally, it’s not doing much for me, which is kind of disappointing. I feel like a bunch of pretty nugus dressed like Pippi Longstocking and pulling their pigtails while chanting “PIPPI” over and over should be right up my alley as a trash-pop lover.

Maybe it’s a grower, but until then, meh.

  • Mattey

    They went from hip hop to this?! I hope they pull a Blady and never stop coming back, each time with lower production values. But I’m surprised by the quality of this MV. How many rich men did they have to sleep with to get that budget? Although I’m not completely impressed because one of those sets looks like a recycled Blady set.


    • Db

      Such a great song. Shame the group is getting even more low budget with every subsequent release.

      • Bruno

        Easily one of the best songs in 2013, it feels like old school 2NE1. Can you imagine that section from 0:47 onwards sung by Bom? Bom’s iconic vocals (resembling a goat with laryngeal cancer) would slay that shit. <3

        • Db

          Goat with laryngeal cancer… *dead*

      • Mattey

        @kotakureader:disqus which group? Blady or 2Eyes?

        • Db


          • Mattey

            Ok thank you. Yeah, the degrading quality is astounding LOL. They keep on keeping on though. Although Renovation was one of the best EPs of the year tbh

  • Dilia

    lmaoo, what’s with the Pippi songs on these days?!

    • Mattey

      I miss Queen B’Z, but their earlier, hardcore, motherfucker look. This was eehh compared to their debut IMO

  • There is a second MV for their first single, released 3 weeks later, it wasn’t low budget & it’s awesome. :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIly131MSyQ

    • WHAT. I’ve never seen this?! That arm punch! They should have gone the sexy video game otaku route.

  • Db

    The red hair!!! *dies*

    Song’s alright, but not something I’d listen to again. The MV was very cute. Might watch it again once or twice, but that’s as far as it goes for me.

  • UncleFan

    I LOVED IT! This caught me by surprise when it popped up on YouTube last night… I honestly thought 2EYES had disbanded.

    It would be hilarious if PIPPI went viral, and these nugus turned into the next Crayon Pop.


    Initially I thought the concept and song was fun and kind of slayed but it seems to just get worse with every play. I only have a vague memory of their debut and this does not make me want to go back and check out their earlier stuff. The different shades of red hair is on point tho, unfortunately that’s the only bright spot.

  • Hiddensone

    The rap though was perfection!
    And the chorus was catchy af. Gives me BESTie – Thank You Very Much feels. Idk I liked it.

  • I vaguely remember them and I usually get them confused with the classical violin playing idols Odd Eye because I think they came out around the same time but the violin group isn’t as active, if at all.
    All that being said, I like the sound of the rapper’s voice. Here’s to hoping she gets some none 2Eyes tracks (Unpretty Rapstar season 3?)

  • KingBeaArthur

    Shit…this kind of worked on me! It’s a BESTie mini album closer 100%.

  • Quingg

    2EYES slayed this!

    I never turly got into them until they slightly released “Shooting Star”.

    They lost Yeonjun, but I’m noticing that their actually kinda pretty so that’s good. Rapper, Dasom slayed her entire part although it was short!

  • One of the members reminds me of Qri.

  • Sunny

    you said it best at “novelty”

    its catchy but not something you’d want to replay over and over.