Anybody that keeps up with K-pop knows by now that Sunye and Sohee officially left the Wonder Girls this week, this time for good.

As a long-time Wonderful I obviously have some feelings about this, but it’s impossible to even touch that subject without having to go all in and start recapping the history of the Wonder Girls and their game-changing impact on K-pop.

IDK about you, but I’m sick of everybody rehashing the Wonder Girls’ history, both good and bad, and focusing so much on Sunye’s marriage or what could’ve been if they never went to the States. I’m ready to look towards the future, and right now that consists of a four-member Wonder Girls promoting as a proper band.

OG WG Sunmi is officially back in the group for the time being, alongside her lackluster replacement Hyerim, hot rapper Yubin, and the glue that holds it all together, Yenny.

I’ve been seeing negativity online ever since the live band concept leaked, but I think it’s perfect. The Wonder Girls can never be what they were without Sunye and Sohee, so the logical solution is to become something different and new.

There’s an opening in the market for a good female idol band, and Wonder Girls has the name power to actually get it off the ground.

Plus, aren’t netizens always complaining about how AOA Black needs to come back? Well, this is even better.

I also like the idea of Wonder Girls having a rotational lineup that represents the different eras of the group. HyunA was the early days of “Irony,” the Yubin/Sunmi era was WG as the nation’s girl group, Hyelim was the unfortunate American Years, and now we’ve got the Wonder Band™ led by Ms. HA:TFELT herself.

And with the roll JYP’s been on this year, I just know that they’re gonna come out with an amazing song. I’m envisioning Royal Pirates meets “Tell Me.”

My only complaint is that they should officially call themselves a unit group and rebrand as Wonder Band™. It’ll help separate the dance group from the band and hopefully lessen the number of annoying netizens screaming and crying about the pop-rock single not being the same as “Nobody.”

Now check Sunmi’s official teaser–it’s flawless. I don’t even care if she’s just pretending to play or not.