Well, whaddaya know, K-pop’s two greatest girl groups just dropped their comeback teasers and I am living, dying, crying, shaking, and twirling.

Wonder Girls (who I am privately referring to as Wonder Band) have gone full blown Beyonce “Green Light” for the sexy teasers for their new album, Reboot.

I don’t know how to feel about this because I never envisioned the nation’s little sisters doing a sexy concept, but I like what I see.

All I need now is a shady tweet from Bible basher Sunye to make this era daebak.

Harlots who follow the sinful way of life and transgress against the Lord will be denied entry into His kingdom…

Drag them Sunye! (I’m pretending my fabricated tweet really happened.)

Brown Eyed Girls‘ rap monster Miryo also dropped a sexy teaser for her solo comeback, “Queen,” and just like all things BEG, it’s perfect.

The song was produced Rhymer, who did Jimin’s “Puss” and “GOD,” and it features Ga-In on the hook, so you know it’s gonna be an instant classic that will leave Iggy and Nicki crying with jealousy.

August is coming for wigs :'(

Check out the teasers below.