EDM-pop has been a big trend in K-pop lately, with AOA, SHINee, Nine Muses, Minx, Hello Venus, and more hitching themselves to the genre for a hit. But while we’ve all been arguing over which K-pop group had the best dance single this summer, Vietnam has been leaving everybody for dead with a string of mindblowing techno anthems. (Well, everybody but the almighty SHINee, obviously.)

I recently stumbled upon a handful of killer EDM V-Pop by chance, and while every single song is structured exactly the same with almost identical choreography (soft start, europop buildup, sickest breakdown you ever heard in your life), they’re all worthy of raping the replay button. It’s like Brave Brothers or Sweetune or Dr. Luke: It all sounds the same, but you just can’t get enough.

Isaac‘s “Mr. Right” was the first song I found and the catalyst for me falling into a V-Pop YouTube hole.

The handsome 27-year-old is the oldest member of Vietnamese boy band 365daband, who had a massive hit in January with “Hai Cô Tiên” (more on that later). He made his solo debut a few months ago with the super cute “Don’t Leave My Love,” but it’s his latest single, the suave ’90s house anthem “Mr. Right,” is where he really shines.

Adam Lambert released a similar song earlier this year called “Ghost Town,” which was a decent (but somewhat cheesy) effort, but “Mr. Right” completely blows it out the water. I think I’ve played it about twenty times since finding it this morning, and I’m not even close to getting sick of it.

Isaac’s group, 365daband, set the stage for his solo single earlier this year with their electro-heavy hit, “Hai Cô Tiên” (“Two Fairies”).

“Two Fairies” is the trashy cousin to “Mr. Right.” It has a less sophisticated sound, but it’s still more restrained that similar songs from low tier K-pop stars. Whereas K-pop often goes straight for the jugular and doesn’t stop, “Two Fairies” knows to pull back somegtimes. It gets to the point pretty quickly, but then floats into a much softer space for the center of the song before returning to balls-to-the-wall electro at the end.

And how catchy is that nasally robotic singing they do? It makes me want to learn Vietnamese just so I can chant along with them!

By the way, this is actually an OST single. How does Vietnam get OST singles like this while us K-pop fans have to suffer through boring ballad after boring ballad?!

I saved the best for last: Tóc Tiên!

The 26-year-old beauty has been a big pop star for over a decade now, but she went viral in Southeast Asia this year with “Vũ Điệu Cồng Chiêng” and its accompanying scooter choreography.

The song was produced by Vietnamese EDM maestro Touliver, who was also behind Isaac’s “Mr.Right” (and probably 365daband’s song, too).

There’s nothing I can say that can do justice to this “Gangnam Style”-meets-“Sugar Free” sized anthem, so just check out both music videos for it below and enjoy.