I was a tad horrified a few weeks ago when Tokyo Girls’ Style uploaded the music video for their new single, “Never Ever,” and it turned out to be some kind of commercial EDM remix. I thought that the group’s vow to graduate from J-pop idols to true artists was just a marketing gimmick to make them look more credible–I never thought anything would actually change!

Luckily, the physical CD single contains the original edit of “Never Ever” in all its bouncy arcadey melodic glory. Hiroki Sagawa, the man behind the perfect “Partition Love,” is responsible for the production, and you can tell.

It’s strange that Avex is actually promoting the TJO & YUSUKE remix as the title track. They’ve even filled the whole CD singles with dance remixes instead of the usual token TGS b-side. I don’t want to see TGS turn into some EDM group, but I can deal as long as long as the original edits are still released alongside the remixes.

Anyway, take a listen and let me know which version you prefer.