The Mad Genius Of Crayon Pop's 'Ra Ri Ru Re'
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After several delays, Crayon Pop will finally make their official Japanese debut this month–and they couldn’t have picked a better song to do it with.

The single is called “Ra ri ru re,” and I have no idea who produced it or what the English lyrics are. The only thing I could figure out is that it has something to do with the basics of learning Japanese, specifically getting the “R” sound correct.

It’s the kind of senseless concept we’ve come to expect from Crayon Pop, a group with the unwavering ability to turn absolutely anything into a fun time. They’re like Shake n’ Bake happiness.

Even by Crayon Pop standards though, “Ra ri ru re” is weird. They rarely sing, choosing instead to speak the lyrics with a strange lilt or to chant the song’s title in unison. Sometimes the song sounds like PC music, other times it’s a synthy ’80s number or an Atari game.

“Ra ri ru re” is far more unusual than an Orange Caramel hit or many of SM’s proggiest productions, but Crayon Pop probably won’t get the credit for that because they’re too out-there, too kitsch, too camp, too self-aware for people to really recognize the mad genius bubbling underneath.

But if there’s anywhere that’s really going to ‘get’ Crayon Pop, then it’s Japan. The hallyu wave is more like a puddle over there these days, but maybe Crayon Pop’s shtick will be odd and exciting enough to turn the tide in their favour.

“Ra ri ru re” drops July 22.

  • culchan

    The song is great, but beginning at 2:20, the choreography, camerawork, and editing turn straight-up Oompa Loompa.

    • lmao, I didn’t get that far first time around.

  • jizabel

    I listened to the beginning of this song awhile back but stopped before I got to the bridge. What a mistake that was! It’s such a lovely, poignant melody that somehow doesn’t feel wildly out of place in what otherwise is a manic carefree bop. Bravo!

  • SKS

    I actually like this, a lot. The thing is, I prefer listening to songs I understand, but the camp factor wins me over. But it’s surprisingly, like, well-made, if I can say that.

  • AND THE EFFING MV JACQUES! it’s a hundred shades of perfection!

  • The clip seems amazingly underdone. Needs more mad.

  • Darwin

    Crayon Pop is going to slay Japan. I want them to be so huge that they make everyone in Korea hate themselves for not backing them up.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I like the sung parts, but that’s about it. I’ve never really understood the hype behind Crayon Pop (the only song of theirs I like is “FM”. Maybe b/c it sounds like a T-ara song idk). Good luck to them in JPN though.

    • j d

      I agree with literally everything you wrote.

  • Sunny

    I’M IN LOVE!!! I’m glad Crayon Pop aren’t playing safe anymore with their singles after “Uh Hee” (their company got a little too comfy)

    I think Japan will warm up to them since their whole concept since debut screamed “Jpop”

  • I liked this song, even if it was not perfect. It’s to bad Crayon Pop don’t get more credit and recognition.