Hallyu-dols T-ara today confirmed that they’re returning with not one title track, but two — one for Korea and one for China.

What kind of Asian domination?

The K-pop track is a Brave Brothers production called “Completely Crazy,” and the other is a Shinsadong Tiger single called “1,2,3,” which will appear on T-ara’s upcoming Chinese album.

This is very interesting. If you remember correctly, last year T-ara recorded two new singles for their comeback and were debating which one to release: A Brave Brothers’ production or something from Shinsadong Tiger.

They went with Tiger’s song, which turned out to be “Sugar Free,” so I’m assuming that the Brave song might be the one from last year?

“Completely Crazy” is described asa cool and exciting summer dance song with a funky brass instrumental.

In an article last year, T-ara’s potential Brave Brothers single was called “a unique dance track full of femininity. It has a fresh and exciting melody, but it comes with sad lyrics. The song could possibly be sexy and revealed exciting and emotional charms of T-ara. These types of songs have success in the long run on the chart.

Whether they’re the same song or not, I have faith in T-ara. Brave did Hyomin’s “Nice Body” and that was last year’s best summer song.

I’ve been a little put off by Brave’s recent return to outdated Son Dambi electropop, but AOA’s “Heart Attack” has admittedly grown on me and I know that T-ara won’t accept anything less than an iconic life changing wig snatching trend setting smash, so I’m not worried. I mean, last year they did a full EDM track when nobody else was, now fast forward a year later and EVERY bitch is doing it!

hyomin nice body