If you needed any more proof that T-ara has given up on the hateful Korean market, then look no further than the MV teaser for their new single, “So Crazy.”

Jiyeon instagrammed a preview of the MV for the Brave Brothers-produced single earlier today, and I am officially DEAD.

It’s a generic Brave Brothers sexy concept comeback! And it’s not even electro-pop, it’s his played out 2014 sound!

T-ara look like AOA shaking their butts in skimpy nautical outfits to Brave beats and doing some kind of bastardized version of the “Roly Poly” finger move. I think they also recycled TEEN TOP’s “Miss Right” prison garb.

As someone who literally stans every single generic Brave Brothers sexy concept comeback ever, I’m in heaven. Even AOA’s formulaic singles end up growing on me despite the fact that I always give them bad reviews when they first come out.

T-ara’s like, “Let’s just phone in some trash for Korea and save our next Shinsadong Tiger EDM smash for our Chinese album that people will actually buy.”

I mean, it’s basically the end of summer and T-ara’s only just coming out with their summer single now, and the official teaser photo looks like it was shot in their dorm room (not to mention it recycles the pose from the Again cover and features an airbrush fail on Qri’s leg).

This takes me back to T-ara’s peak when they were budget-dols releasing singles like this one and doing all those cheap Japanese albums and repackages.

The cherry on top will be if their new Korean mini-album is just tracks from their last album lazily remixed like in the John Travolta Wannabe era.

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t-ara so crazy

  • T-rollypoly

    I didn’t hear air horns and BB used thrombones not a sax nor trumpets. It’s not that generic, just a little bit! XD Anyway, I love it so much. Satisfied.

    • That’s just QUEEN’S denying reality… I bet the full song will probably have an intro like “ooh ooh ooh” like all BB songs do lmao.

      • T-rollypoly

        Haha I know I’m just kidding. But when a lot of Queen’s were panicking that BB produced the song, I was very vocal that I didn’t mind BB producing for T-ara. I love a lot of his songs and no one can deny that he had tons of hits. The nugus & the lessers should stay away from him though cause they’ll get ripped off. T-ara is a vip client so no need to worry.

      • Db

        I hope they steal some of Jimin’s thunder and add in some Qri ad-libs. “Ah yeah”, “you know, I know”, “Brave Sound”, “T-ARA”…

        • Marhaebwa

          Iconic, if so…

      • realreds123

        OMG you were right, listen to the full MV teaser, and you can hear the “ahh ahh ahh” at 0:34.

        heres the link:


  • Genie For Your Sugar

    here’s this one by dispatch


  • The song is total Brave Brothers. A bit let down we aren’t getting that signature T-ara sound but the girls are lookin’ good and the MV looks like it’s gonna be fun. I hope Korea eats it up since they love them some BB.

    • It’ll be the biggest flop especially since Korea is over this era of BB songs now, but it’ll be iconic and we don’t have to worry because the Shinsadong Tiger anthem is coming anyway. This is just an entree.

  • Alex

    Omg! I was so distracted trying to find Soyeon in that pic (still haven’t gotten use to her new face), I didn’t even notice Qri’s leg. Tragic, yet still iconic. Only T-ara.

    • You can always count on Soyeon buying a new face before each comeback

  • Sha

    Jiyeon’s body is a killer…her legs is perfection.

  • Sha

    Jiyeon’s body is a killer…her legs is perfection.

  • Apink butthole

    I kinda like it… If Qri gets the “Brave Sound drop it” line, this single will be the ultimate standard of perfection

  • Jiyeon’s left boob

    the new drama version teaser… okay i know its generic but cmon this looks s fun and the choreo is so easy I NEED NEW WIG!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2kr0NrhX5I

  • byoing~byoing.

    Soyeon’s lack of fucks given in this screencap gives me too much life.

  • Kris

    Watch this generic BB tune be the song that puts them back in contention in Korea with the netizens wanting more…

  • KingBeaArthur

    This is going to be LEGENDARY!!!

  • Nicole Naeun


  • unrelated but @jacques i seem to remember you gushing blood about babylon so here


    i hate zicos solo career

  • culchan

    I started watching with the volume off and thought I had clicked on SNSD’s “Genie” by accident.

  • MolkangMolkang

    I’m pumped, Eunjung looks amazing and it sounds generic but I’m all for it. Bring on the fabulous C-single.

  • be-jesus-christ! jiyeon is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT! i melt!

  • William Love

    Definitely sounds like a remix of “Whatcha Doin Today” but still I’m excited! I fully expect Qri to swagger jack Jimin with the intro

  • Yes, It’s a little bit like Miss Right by Teen Top

  • Anne

    I really think it’s a good song though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBrcDqI3q5M

  • disqus_4Rn1256qw8

    I want both Brave Brothers and Shinsadong Tiger to retire now. Please.