If you needed any more proof that T-ara has given up on the hateful Korean market, then look no further than the MV teaser for their new single, “So Crazy.”

Jiyeon instagrammed a preview of the MV for the Brave Brothers-produced single earlier today, and I am officially DEAD.

It’s a generic Brave Brothers sexy concept comeback! And it’s not even electro-pop, it’s his played out 2014 sound!

T-ara look like AOA shaking their butts in skimpy nautical outfits to Brave beats and doing some kind of bastardized version of the “Roly Poly” finger move. I think they also recycled TEEN TOP’s “Miss Right” prison garb.

As someone who literally stans every single generic Brave Brothers sexy concept comeback ever, I’m in heaven. Even AOA’s formulaic singles end up growing on me despite the fact that I always give them bad reviews when they first come out.

T-ara’s like, “Let’s just phone in some trash for Korea and save our next Shinsadong Tiger EDM smash for our Chinese album that people will actually buy.”

I mean, it’s basically the end of summer and T-ara’s only just coming out with their summer single now, and the official teaser photo looks like it was shot in their dorm room (not to mention it recycles the pose from the Again cover and features an airbrush fail on Qri’s leg).

This takes me back to T-ara’s peak when they were budget-dols releasing singles like this one and doing all those cheap Japanese albums and repackages.

The cherry on top will be if their new Korean mini-album is just tracks from their last album lazily remixed like in the John Travolta Wannabe era.

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