Forget all the big summer singles and delete ALL the music from your PC, tablet, smart phone, and iPod because T-ARA’S COMING BACK BITCHEZ!!!

MBK Entertainment has confirmed that China’s girl group T-ara will move their scheduled October comeback up to August to leave room for their busy Chinese activities later in the year.

MBK Entertainment announced that T-ara’s concept will be fun, unique, and exciting – a “cool” song for a “hot summer.”  [Via Tiara Diadem]

At this stage I’m not quite sure if T-ara’s Korean comeback will have anything to do with their upcoming individual web dramas and solo OST singles, or if that’ll receive its own separate promotions later.

In other news, T-ara recently surpassed ex-SNSD member Jessica for the biggest fan cafe in China for a female Korean artist.

They’re also destroying Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, One Direction, Girl’s Day and more in Billboard’s click bait fan army vote-off thingy.

And some people still say T-ara are flops and has-beens… LMFAO.