Super Junior Makes Up For 'Mamacita' With The Delightful 'Devil'
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I’ve generally always loved Super Junior‘s music but I’ve never cared about the band one bit, so I’m pretty unbiased when it comes to judging them. If I like their songs, it’s solely because I think they’re good, not because I’m a stan that thinks that future missionary Siwon is a total hunk (which I do, FYI).

After committing crimes against humanity with “Mamshita” last year, SuJu’s new single, “Devil,” lifted from their 10th anniversary album of the same name, thankfully sees the band taking a page out of TVXQ’s Bible for once.

TVXQ transformed themselves into showy, sophisticated jazz and R&B singers with their Ten album after their dancey dubstep single “Catch Me” failed to capture a mutizen, and SuJu have kind of done the same thing.

“Devil,” produced by Kenzie and The Stereotypes (BoA’s “Kiss My Lips”), is suave, playful, guitar-driven pop — a rarity for SuJu, who are best known for their addictive hook songs like “Sorry Sorry” and “Mr. Simple.”

To be fair, they did go more mature last year’s “This Is Love,” but it was the kind of synthesized R&B sound we’ve all heard countless times before in K-pop, and much better might I add. “Devil” is groovier, more fun. It’s grown up, but it’s still a catchy boy band ditty too.

I probably love “Devil” so much because it sounds like a TVXQ demo, but had TVXQ recorded it they would’ve made the song so much grander so it could translate to explosive live performances. SuJu were never spectacular dancers, so “Devil” is allowed to luxuriate in its laidback grooves instead of having to become some huge thrill ride for the stage.

It’s no “Shake It Up,” but I can certainly think of worse ways to celebrate a 10th anniversary.

  • KingBeaArthur

    “Mamacita” actually wasn’t a bad song. Guess I’m in the minority for it (nothing new). “Devil: is great! Only weak part this era is the mv.


    Basically the only reason I even take an interest in SuJu is because of my houseboy Siwon. Although Mamacita was utter trash, Devil was a pleasant surprise. I love the fact that it is TVXQ-lite. It seems like they’ve found another sound to completely run into the ground and I’m here for it.

    Also I thought the MV was really cool and Heechul didn’t look like a total idiot.

    • I loved the MV too, IDK why people are trashing it? The movie concept is so good and fun! This is such a good era for them, really makes up for Mamashita.

      • MIKEE

        Omg people are trashing it?? Hmmm…I think its really well done and fun also. Mamacita is so gross, that entire era made no damn sense.

  • Sunny

    I’ll be the weird one and say Kangin is the only member i like (even though he is kind of a mess). I LOVE this sound on them. They don’t overdo it vocally either. I can imagine Patrick Stump singing something like this.

  • whatever

    it sounds like block b’s her