I think I speak for everybody when I say that I was bitterly disappointed that Stellar‘s thong fashion didn’t extend beyond one teaser photo.

Well, it turns out that the g-string concept almost went ahead, except that Stellar refused to go through with it.

“At first, our company suggested us to dance in thongs,” Stellar revealed in a new interview. “We were strongly against it because we knew it was impossible to dance in them. We thought it was a big no. We strongly told them it was impossible because the thongs will be rolled up as we dance. If they didn’t consider our opinions and force us to wear them, we were going to pack our stuff and go home. We told each other that we were gonna drive off. Thankfully, it settled well so we got to dance in more clothes.” [Via KPKF]

I don’t know what they mean by the thongs rolling up, unless they mean that their dresses would roll up on stage to reveal their almost bare asses.

I’m not sure if this statement is Stellar’s honest opinion or some form of media play to continue gaining sympathy from the public, but whatever the truth it, it plays right into the sentiment that Stellar’s production team, MonoTree, have been expressing through the group’s music and concepts since “Marionette.” It shows that Stellar’s somewhat uncomfortable with their sexy concept, but that they’re still willing to participate as long as it doesn’t go too far.

Their outfits aren’t really that provocative though compared to what they wore during “Marionette,” which was basically a g-string over tights that turned sheer when they bent over.

In other Stellar news, “Vibrato” has been topping MV charts despite tanking on Melon. They’re even getting positive netizen comments now!

They’ve also got this edgy new promotional tactic where they’re going to release controversial videos each time “Vibrato” reaches a new peak on the charts, but since the song is selling so badly we might not even get to see them.

Anyway, check out Stellegend’s gorgeous, thong-less Show Champion comeback stage below.