I already knew that STELLAR was making a comeback, but I didn’t know that they were planning to outdo “Marionette” in the sexy stakes!

The foursome have just dropped the red hot teaser for their new single “Vibrato” (or “Nervous” depending on the source) and it’s fucking EVERYTHING.

It’s SISTAR’s “Alone” era meets Tenpro!

STELLAR’s agency talked up the sexy concept in an official statement: “We really went to great lengths to show Stellar’s unique colors among the competition with such great girl groups like Girls’ Generation, A Pink, and Girl’s Day,” revealed a rep. “But Stellar will be able to charm the fans with a sexiness only they can pull off.”

It’s interesting to see STELLAR go back to “Marionette” era shock tactics, but I get it. “Mask” and “Fool” were incredible songs with sexy concepts, but nobody paid any attention to them for a number of reasons I’ve touched upon in previous STELLAR posts. I don’t see STELLAR hitting daebak (as flawless as they are), but I can see “Vibrato” making some serious noise and actually charting if marketed right with a concept that surpasses “Marionette” in ugly eroticism.

“Nervous”/”Vibrato” drops July 20.

stellar nervous

  • T-rollypoly

    Jeonyul pls. T_T

  • lildarien

    My body is ready for the comeback of the g-string-dols.

  • consuela

    I misread Vibrato as “Vibrator”.

    • KingBeaArthur


  • i live for the sidebutt concept. art in its purest form.

  • jizabel

    A new innovation courtesy of Korea’s most creative Goddesses! Sideass?! Who else but the delicately erotic Empresses! I’m so fucking ready for this. Please Godjo let them work with Sweetune again.

  • William Love

    i am so here for these side slit g-string prostitute-dols

  • KingBeaArthur

    “Vibrator” is going to save the summer.

  • YES QUEENS! i still have the marionette EP on my iphone. along with fool and mask – the best dance music ever made one which kylie minogue would KILL to have.

  • Nicole Naeun