I’ve been watching Melon like a hawk since Stellar‘s “Vibrato” dropped, and it wasn’t until just a couple of hours ago that the song finally cracked the top 100.

The morning after their comeback stage on The Show, “Vibrato” was able to hit No. 80 on Melon. It’s since dropped to No. 88, but I’m just thankful that it’s even charting.

Edit: No. 73 now!

On the bright side, Stellar were trending high on Daum and Naver all day when “Vibrato” dropped, so there’s clearly an interest out there in them. Hopefully with more promo they’ll chart higher.

So far they’ve done a guerilla performance, a cheap swimsuit pictorial for fnStar, and an interview with Joy News where they talk about “Marionette,” “Mask,” “Vibrato,” and their struggles.

“Since ‘Marionette’, we tried to change a bit our mindset of the future. It’s amazing, we’re fine with showing our appearnce in this manner. By the way, I’m really happy to be coming back. This time around, we have ensured that we create a new color that hopefully brings us more opportunities in the future. We hope that this song is not a bad example, but rather an inspiration.”

Queens of Getting More Opportunities In The Future.

Anyway, check out their performance on The Show below. It was kind of lazy and not erotic enough, but also kind of a slay. Their shorts are huge though! They started off as g-strings, but every time I see them they’ve gotten bigger. They’re basically Bridget Jones’ bloomers at this point. I guess the fabric can’t help but expand once moistened with Stellar’s sweet watermelon juices.